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Hi Emily! I'm in St. Louis too, come be with us in the tribal area!
Thanks everybody, we are really excited. Dh is getting more and more excited as the business trickles in and has even uttered words like, "go ahead, invest in yourself.." WOW! So, I am looking for a designer, not a template or a DIY thing. I want a very unique, industry specific webpage. But, it does not need a shopping cart.
I just became incorporated and need website design. Is that something I can ask for here?
I will say, for us, that on paper it would seem like dh makes enough money for us to live very well. We live in the midwest, its not THAT expensive - BUT - when you add up.. housing - $1,100 Car payment - $300 Insurance - $150 Telephone and cell phones - $225 (dh's parents live abroad) Food - $800 (mostly organic) Gas - $250 Classes, clubs, etc - $100 Utilities - $300 Satellite - $50 What am I forgetting? Surely there is more... and the incedentals of life,...
We are in the $65-90 range and I feel like we need about double that to really be comfortable. I am a debt free kind of person myself. I want NO debt, at all. Comfort, for me, is knowing that my kids will have college and all expenses while in college paid for, having a wonderful retirement plan, taking a nice vacaction once a year, and having a nice home. Right now, we barely save anything, have a MEASLY retirement plan, and take two day local vacations. That's...
Granted, you have TONS of office supplies. So many, in fact, that you need a place to store them. You need a whole room just for all your supplies. I wish my husband didn't think bodily functions were FUNNY.
granted! But, when they are tearing out your old kitchen it stirs up a HORRIBLE mess of ants that now are everywhere and have taken over your new, beautiful kitchen. I wish for days as beautiful as this one!
My son has two meetings a month, and about once every other month a big event. We did the pinewood derby where he (and to a large extent, dh) made a little car and all the scouts raced them. It was so cool! The car took some effort, but the meetings are only an hour twice a month, not a big deal. The stuff in the booklet you work on on your own time. As far as outside activites go, I think its one of the least time consuming that ds has taken part in.
With much hesitation and research, we let our son join the cub scouts this year. We are UU (with pagan tendencies).. anyone who knows what a Unitarian Universalist is will understand where our hesitations come from. That said, the vast majority, and in our case 100% of the activities that our son was going to be participating in were things we approved of. The kids he would be hanging out with were his friends already. There was nothing scary for us. We agreed...
Quote: Originally Posted by faerierose : My ds has been interested in scouts, I don't know alot about them. I was not aware of the stance on homosexuality or religion. We are pagan and we homeschool. I have been in contact with the local group and they can't seem to get past the homeschool thing, everything is organized by the schools and grades : He was so exited about joining something where he can camp...Anyone know of any alternatives? Look...
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