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Check out this website: thebabysbum.com. I LOVE her diapers and she will custom make anything you need as far as your baby's measurements. You won't be disappointed. Anne
I am very interested in your nutrition ideas..WELCOME
First, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that your are in this situation..and try to get you to put your kids first. My mom was in an abusing relationship for six years (very similiar to yours, eventually turned physically and sexually abusive). It was murder on me and my siblings. Now my younger brothers have a horrible time dealing with women and I have terrible self-esteem. Whatever you do, don't let your kids see you fighting all the time, being tense, being...
I guess this won't be popular, but I, like someone on the previous page, also enjoy porn. I am an adult that enjoys the female and the male bodies. I enjoy seeing them nude, so does my husband. He knows I like it, I know he likes it. I also know that fantasizing is NORMAL for all human beings. People can be totally in love and still have fantansies, its ok. I also believe masturbation is normal and acceptable in the privacy of your own (room, bathroom, etc. Somehow...
I have great friends that are lesbians. Their kids call them Mamá and Mum, but they have it easy because one is British and the other is Spanish..but anyone could use it. Oddly enough, when the kids are having a meltdown moment or being snuggly they each get a gentler version with Mamí and Mummy. It has worked really well for them. Anne
I can't wait to get posting!!
Hey there..I am going to have to learn about homeschooling from some of you old pros...maybe we can chat sometime. Anne
I am new too, and I also started on other boards and hope this place will soon become my home. I had a similiar situation with my three year old, I was told by the doctor that nursing was really a waste of time and that I wasn't going to be good at it anyway, that I needed to give my son a bottle Stupid me, did what he said. BUT...I have a little girl now that is breastfed...the second time's a charm. Anne[COLOR=orange]
[COLOR=crimson][FONT=courier new]I would just like to introduce myself and say hello. I am a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, (would like to be attached) momma from the mid-west. I hope to get to know all of you real well and have some amazing chats. Anne
New Posts  All Forums: