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We see the Mulveys, on Waterman Street.  They are a husband and wife who have the practice together.  They have been very nice.
I would want to rule out seizures.  Can you video what it looks like when it happens and show your pediatrician?
I thought home birth was a-legal in RI, rather than illegal?  As in, not regulated -- not forbidden but not explicity permitted either.  A CPM from Mass attended my home birth (in RI) in November 2010;  has the law changed since then?
We really love Kelly Frye at Frye Family Chiropractic.  They are in East Greenwich, right on route 1, near Apponaug in Warwick.
Congratulations!  My DD2 was the same way.  I think she was latched on for 8 solid hours on her second day of life.  Have you tried letting babe suck on your pinky finger to give your nipples a bit of a rest?   It does get better.  For us, it got loads better once my milk actually came in on day 3-4.  Then DD could actually be satisfied by a normal nursing session, instead of being constantly latched on.  But those first couple of days were rough.  Hang in there and...
what about beans?  hummus? 
I'm so sorry you are hurting.  What an awful thing your mw said to you.  Just awful.  And not true, either.  Try to be gentle with yourself. 
Thank you for this thread.  My 3.5 year old dd is in the same testing stage.  Sometimes I just really don't like her very much, and I end up parenting in a less-than-compassionate/patient/gentle way because it is just so hard to struggle with her over every. little. thing.  But hakeber's (from page 1) and mamakay's advice are both really good.  I totally end up taking her personally, and I really shouldn't. 
on the playstructure?  that is definitely inappropriate.  but in my area, it is rare for playgrounds to actually have bathrooms at all, so peeing off in the bushes is just what you do -- the only other option is a ten minute walk to a coffee shop or something.  so yeah, never on or near the actual playstructure, that is just kind of shocking.
i think it's supposed to rain tomorrow morning?   we are planning a visit to the children's museum tomorrow afternoon, actually.  we'll be there around 12:30 if anyone wants to join us :)  
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