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I would never survive an HOA - no. way.  LOL!
That $300/week I spend does not include our feed costs - which really in turn feed us.  We do have a great system with our local farm stand to feed our hogs from their unsold produce - for free,  so that is a huge cost reduction right there,  but we still purchase feed for them, the goats and chickens.  We spend about $200/month in feed right now,  more in the winter.    We have soaked oatmeal for breakfast 5 days/week - I purchase it in bulk directly from the farmer...
I *am* Catholic and I've never had that question!  (or Morman etc...)
I spend $300/week - we completely scratch cook and we grow a lot of our own food.  I menu plan based on season and what is available in the garden/barn.  (our own barn plus a few other farmers we purchase from. )  We drink water and one glass of (raw) milk/day per person. 
I meant to say "1999"  
To the "I think you need a TV in your room" comment - I always want to reply,  but I am far too chicken to ever do it.....................                   "Hmmmmm,  now there's a fantastic idea!  We've been trying to figure something out to cover all the noise we make while baby making!"   
I drive a 2009 Ford Econoline 15 passenger.  We have to keep all of the seats in. When this baby arrives we are at max capacity.  Not too big a deal since our oldest will be away at school.  We bought it when I was pg. w/#5 - the babies were coming fast and furious then! LOL!  MPG?  Maybe, somewhere around 11. yeah.  It also has 225,000 miles on it.    My husband drives a 97 Ford truck with only 70,000 miles on it.  It's great for farm work and hauling.   
Another Catholic mama here.  We are traditional Catholics and have been attending the TLM for about 12 years now.  We don't 'do' NFP though,  we don't 'do' anything in that department,  just going with the flow has blessed us well.    I totally get the mama that mentioned the little one kicking while teaching Algebra.  I will be about 20 weeks along when we take our oldest child for his Freshman Convocation.  My youngest son will turn 6 the day before his brother...
What keeps you from working on your homestead now?  There really isn't much I can't do around here - though my time with the horse and goats is way less now after I was butted HARD in the leg the other day.  (I can take it,  I just don't want to put the baby at risk.)  I had my last baby while we were here as well and I just wore her on my back for all of my barn and garden chores.   I don't do all of the work,  the kids help out a lot,  but there's not a lot I...
I've heard comments like this before and I never know what to say.  It especially upsets me when they are made in front of the children.  People are always saying "I could never handle X amount"  and I've been known to reply "I think you are probably underestimating yourself."  My husband once replied "Why?  What are ya - some kinda wimp?"  ...but he was feeling particularly saucy that day.    I get the 'you look too young' comment as well.  I am 38 - and my oldest...
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