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Thank you sillysapling. What you have written her I have taken to heart and really needed to read. Its hard to know which way is up sometimes and doing what's right for yourself but more importantly to protect my kids first. Thanks for these words that shine a ray of light on healing.
Thanks so much for all the input. Now I'll feel less afraid of letting them learn their way around the kitchen.
Can anyone tell me what age you started to let your kids cook their own meal in the microwave? Stove?  Also do you ever just cook for yourself and let your kids cook for themselves when they are hungry?
That is a very sad story...but it does say it's the only one they have heard of like that.  So it must not be very common.
Wow what a neat program.
Welcome, I have been gone for quie sometime myself (no internet)....but due in April.  We finally have interent!!!  yah
I'll check it out.
I like this one registry website!!!! Why didnt they have that when I was pregnant!!!
New Posts  All Forums: