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Thanks flminivanmama!
I got it back at 6 months PP with my daughter. and 14 months with my twins. I must admit tht I was bummed both times! I thought for sure, nursing as much as my dd did, I should have gone a year! And while 14 months with the boys seems nice....I was nursing two! I think I should have gone a year. *sigh* Oh well. :
You know what is terrible? I have been a member of FlyLady for months and months.....and I just delete my emails! LOL Heaven knows that I really should give it a shot, because I have way too much clutter. :
I must admit that I am sitting on the fence about them....We were invited to one a while back, and my husband was stongly against it. All the kids that went, got the chickepox about a week later, and they were all done a week or so after that. Half of me is bummed that my sons still haven't gotten the pox on their own by now....I now kind of wish we had gone.....That said, I think that kids getting it on their own is a much better approach. On the other hand.....more and...
No....I am in Fairfield county, CT. My inlaws are up closer to you, in Pomfret, CT.
Hello....I seem to be in the very same place as you are. My twin boys are 3 now, and have both tested with profound expressive and receptive language delays. One of my boys may qualify for the special needs preschool. He will be observed in January by the head of the program. I am feeling a bit in the dark, but I am learning. The most important thing, I now realize, is that *I* am the most important person in my children's lives....and *I* must be their biggest advocate....
My daughter was at a great Montessori school for five years....From nursery to first grade. We pulled her out this year because she was not thriving in her first grade class. For Kaitlyn, the environment was a huge change from the primary level of the 3-5 year olds. There was no art available in the room for the children. As a matter of fact, the only thing they had available for the children to use was colored pencils. Kaitlyn was expected to take out a folder of work...
New Posts  All Forums: