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Nay nay go goes
Thanks for all the responses! She is in the 15th percentile, so it looks like she may be able to make it to 7 in the Radian, which is what we were hoping. Then we can transfer her into a narrow highback booster.   The maestro will be too wide to have an adult in the backseat, so sadly that wont work.   Thanks again!
My daughter will be 4 in Feb. she is currently 38.5" tall and 34 lbs. She is in a Radian and my son is rearfacing in a Marathon. We are going from a van to a 5 passenger vehicle and need to be able to have a third person in the backseat between the carseats (an adult). Originally, we were going to pass the Radian to my son and get my daughter the Graco nautilus or Britax Frontier, however, we now have a space issue. Are there any seats other than the Radian (in Canada)...
We were planning to build one using this plan:   http://ana-white.com/2010/12/helping-tower.html   It says you can do it for $20 :)
My DD was 33 months when I weaned her. I let her pick out a book that we could read at bedtime instead of nursing and took her out for a weaning lunch just the two of us. She doesn't usually get alone mommy time, so it was special for us. She also loves books, I wrote her a special story in the front cover of the book about our nursing relationship.
We were looking into mint.com. My husband is pretty careful with money stuff. The problem with mint.com is that you give them your passwords for your financial institutions thus voiding your agreement with your bank, credit card etc. (The stuff you sign with your financial institution says you agree not to give your passwords to anyone). So, if for some reason your bank account or credit card gets compromised, your financial institution wont cover your losses. Not worth...
http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2010/12/06/immunization-registry.html   :(
It has gone better then I expected it would! I told her we could buy a bedtime book to read instead of nursing and she asked for "puff the magic dragon" I realized as I was reading it last night, that it is about growing up... how fitting. She didn't ask to nurse and went to sleep reading her book and listening to the "puff the magic dragon" CD that came with it. Today we are heading out for a mommy and daughter lunch. I nursed her 2years and 9 months I feel good...
I'm also feeling a little guilt as my original "plan" was to CLW or at least nurse until 3... but I really can't do it anymore. I want to remember nursing her as loving and enjoyable, not irritating and wanting her off me.
Most people in real life have been saying "it's about time", so I guess I just wanted to come on here and "talk" to people who get it. Who understand that, though I feel ready, I also feel quite sad. I dry nursed through pregnancy and have tandem nursed the two of them for almost a year. I've been finding I don't enjoy nursing as much since nursing in pregnancy and it's at the point where I'm worried my irritation nursing my daughter is having an effect on my nursing...
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