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Quote: Originally Posted by sea island mama Hey, good to hear from you! I was just thinking today about looking you up on Facebook again...still not there or are you incognito ?? I really try to avoid Facebook and still have most things taken down -- it seems nearly impossible to avoid completely, but I have nothing interesting there. Quote: Originally Posted by sea island mama I'd be tempted on the pox, but we have big...
Hallo mamas! Long time no chat! Just wanted to pop on to let you all know that Molly's got chicken pox.. fever on Saturday and pox showed up on Sunday..
DH's dentist: $154.40 My old dentist that I'd had since I was a kid: $164.50 My new swish dentist in Metropolis Mall (I need Sunday appts): $165 ..sounds about right.. Nicki
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani I'm in severe pain from making milk that won't come out!!!! I have to really squeeze and press on my breasts Tiffani, See if you can get your hands on a Whittlestone Breast Expresser (Whittlestone was a NZ'er, so I don't know whether the company has any stores in NZ).. it's a VERY different feeling from pumping.. it works on a massage feeling rather than...
..and she's an MDC mama too. Love her blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by artparent we're getting our floors refinished, which is SO great. i love our flat in london but the floors are wrecked. i'd like to do something pretty eco-friendly, non-toxic, any experiences there? Are you meaning refinishing existing (hardwood) floors, or are you meaning putting down new floors? I would look at cork flooring. http://www.corkfloorsales.com/Cork_History.html
I grew up on Capital Hill (but live in Vancouver now), and my parents are still there in the same house. My dad was a professor at BCIT (Electronics) for 35 years. Capital Hill's great, and so is Confederation Park (Eilleen Dailly pool's right there as well). Yup, there's definitely a HS'ing MDC mama who lives not far from there.. I'm sure she'll identify herself.
Quote: Originally Posted by robugmum Anyone??? The Vancouver Dental Resources thread is still kicking around here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=759231 I think it's Natures Design Dental Spa that's most recommended: http://www.naturesdesigndentalspa.com/pedia.html And this is Ksenia's post about the Vedder Dental Clinic in Chilliwack http://vedderdental.ca/ : http://www.mothering.com/discussions...8&postcount=22 HTH Nicki
Quote: Originally Posted by beaner&tiegs Nikki, thanks for all of the straw links, we're needing to pick up new straws and perhaps we'll steer away from the plastic ones......there's always something to improve upon! If you go with stainless, use this site outta Toronto: http://www.noplastic.ca/child.shtml#...sSteelStrawSet ..and I saw a bunch of macha tea straws called Bombilla that have a filter on the bottom to sift out loose tea...
Quote: Originally Posted by vancouverlori How do you clean the re-useable straws? Pipe cleaners? We do use disposable, and we swish them around in the dishwater to clean them until they seem not to get clean anymore, then we don't feel bad hucking them. Smoothies in particular tend to gunk them up irreversibly. Straws certainly do encourage fluid intake with the little ones! Ok, so now I'm all obsessed about straws! Argh! Does anyone buy...
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