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Thanks, Nicole. Things had been going smoothly until tonight when my two overly tired girls wanted to nurse to sleep. I wanted to give in (just a little) but I reminded them that we no longer nurse and asked them what story they wanted to read. They whined a little, but nothing major. I think it was my heart that hurt more than theirs!   I know it'll take time for the 3 of us to get used to.   Christine
I would talk to him by himself when you aren't nursing your other child. He may be more receptive at that time. I told my girls that they were getting older and they no longer needed to nurse, but we can still use the nursing time we had together to snuggle and read or watch a movie. We could do other things like crafts or take walks. I guess my compromise was to replace it with something else they enjoyed doing with me.   Good luck Mama,   Christine   ETA: I...
Hi ladies,   I haven't been around in quite a while. I have a 3 yr old and a 4.5 yr old daughters. I have been nursing since the older DD was born and tandem nursing since she was 17 months old when her baby sister was born. I had once planned on child-led weaning, but it has become more and more apparent that my ODD will not wean until the younger weans. I was starting to get out of my comfort level.   So yesterday was my YDD's 3rd birthday. We had talked for...
I'm in Newark-right across from Christiana Hospital.
I live in an apartment, too with laundry facilities onsite. I hand wash for the majority of the time and then wash in the washer/dryer once a week. It's worked for us. It's timeconsuming, but worth it.
No, she really called the cops. I just called the company that manages the pool. I was assured that it's not in their policy to ask someone to cover up while nursing and that she will be addressing this with the one who called the cops and the rest of the staff that what they did was innapropriate.
Yep. I was at the pool with my nearly 4 year old and my 2.5 yr. old. The 2yr old was having a temper tantrum so I decided to nurse her. A pool lifeguard came over and asked me to cover up. I said no. She said people were uncomfortable and I said "so, I'm allowed to nurse, without covering up any place me and my baby are allowed to be." We have a pool pass. I was told by a patron that it was indecent exposure. They then called the COPS! They never came and we stayed for...
I try to ignore those feelings or push them aside because the thought of losing control to my emotions frightens me. I'm afraid I'll be "stuck in crazy" or severely mentally ill forever. Kind of like a I Never Promised You a Rose Garden-esque. I panic thinking of that and make myself move on to something else.
I am reading Mothering Without a Map. I've been "reading" it for two months and haven't even hit 100 pages yet! I had a ruptured brain aneurysm 5 yrs ago. I haven't really been able to read much since. Do they have these type of books on CDs?
I thank all you for your insight. I value all of your suggestions because, really, I am stuck in this cycle and need to do something different. Reading your thoughts and suggestions has tapped into my resolve to lead a different, healthier life than either of my parents. It has also made me think hard on why I feel I "need" her and the realization that ultimately I am the only person who will ever make me happy. Funny how we can forget that in the mist of a crisis....
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