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Avonlea Jane is very pretty! I like it a lot.
Yay for you and DD!!! You should be proud!!
As long as you have made it safe, you can see him and no-one can get him- let him roam free on the patio!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB It is completely normal. It is the reminants of the hair, I think it's called lanugo, that babies have on there entire body in utero. Thats it, completely normal and will disappear.
If there is more saliva it could be that he has thrush. The appearance is more off white, like cottage cheese if it is thrush. You can take a tissue and wipe it off and if it is red and raw underneath then it is thrush. HTH
I have seen these befoe LOL- whatever is next. I have enough trouble handling high heels and I'm 29 !! LOL
Totally normal, relax !! LOL
We always have pass the parcel at our parties as well as musical statues. You could always have musical chairs as well, but instead of chairs the kids have to sit on a saddle or a bale of hay?
I'm sure she has picked it up from somewhere like school- the main thing is she knew it was wrong straight away when you asked her what she had said- this means she knows she is not allowed to do it. If it were me I would just tell her that she knows she is not alolowed to use those words as they are not nice.
She is basically seeing how much you have to do for the baby and she wants you to do that for her too- try and get her involved in helping you with DS- getting diapers, wipes, bottles, helping with a bath- cos that's what big sister's do- lots of praise. HTH
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