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helllllloooooooooooo   is anyone still around?
hi, i was going to suggest wearing her. maybe she can fall asleep in a sling and you can go about your business.
i still can't believe it. it's over. we went through an entire pregnancy and birth. its such a sacred passage, and it is hard letting it go.   thanks to all for making may 2011 a wonderful ddc!   love, karen/bhappy    
i have a similar thing that happens to me: when i take quinn for a walk i have to go down our very steep driveway, and i imagine slipping and falling forward and little quinn's head hitting the concrete. its terrible. and strange. :-/     on a positive note, quinn is two months young today!   happy late bday to josie :)    
Our littlest boy looks like his daddy right now. I also see our other two sons in him. Others have commented in certain photos he looks like his sister. I am hoping he has my eyes...
Funny, this time around I also have "the milks" ! With my other nurslings it was "mama milk". DD shortened it to "mom-O"
here is our nighttime with little quinn. for the most part i am still in the 24 hour mode, where i try and function the same during the day and night (ha!), trying to recognize that the baby doesn't differentiate. that said, i am seeing signs and patterns that lead me to believe that quinn is starting to know. like he sleeps -- or wants to sleep -- throughout the night & more awake during the day.   between 7:30-9:00pm we are getting ready for bedtime, including bath...
when daughters become mothers, the mother-daughter relationship has to adjust. is there a way to talk with her about what it was like for her to become a mother? maybe through sharing you can come to a common ground, and start defining your new relationship. blessings!    
Hugs & safe travels, mama! I'm sorry you are losing your grandfather. I hope you find peace soon.  
Yep. I definitely have that. I also attributed it to weak abdominals after pregnancy.
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