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I got a response to day from the program director, even though she is on vacation until next week. She apologized and said that she had personally spoken with all of her staff and that the YMCA intended to follow Wisconsin's laws regarding Breastfeeding. Yay!! That was easier than I expected. 
Here is a copy of the email I sent to the Y regarding my experience last weekend. I'm organizing a nurse in, any thoughts?     Hello Tina,    I wanted to touch base with you about an experience I had last weekend at the Hudson YMCA location. When I dropped my children ( the youngest of whom is 18 months) off at 'Kids Stuff' last Sunday, my son wanted to nurse before I left him. I asked the staff if I could come into Kid Stuff and use the glider rocker in the...
Hello Mamas,    My almost five month old has a rash that started on his face, spread to his scalp then arms, legs, now his neck and trunk. He has slept through the night since birth and never really fusses, but now he wakes crying at night and seems to be trying to scratch. I have run through everything I have eaten (I'm breastfeeding) and all the products I use, baby soap, laundry detergent etc...no changes. Is it hives? How do I treat it? Poor little guy 
I'm about to become a single mama and am heading back to SC from Minnesota February 1st. This next year will definitely be about transition. My dear sweet boy was born December 21, my second semester starts January 9th, not to mention homeschooling DD and doing some online retail for extra income. So, I would like to meet some Santa Cruz Mamas and ask if anyone knows of a caretaker /or house sitter opportunity. The kiddos and I are home quite a bit and could definitely...
Just got back from the ER, penicillin in hand. Thanks everyone :)
I am 14 weeks pregnant and I'm pretty sure I have strep. What can I do at home to avoid antibiotics? Also, it is my understanding that strep is mostly antibiotic resistant and is not often prescribed. Thanks in advance. I feel awful. 
Craniosacral is holistic for sure. I was just wondering about any differences in the spinal adjustments themselves..
I will look into the craniosacral stuff this week. Thank for the info! 
This has happened to us before. We have done brown rice with cooked veggies, egg and fish or fish oil before. Most of what is healthy for us is healthy for dogs. Sometimes we add that stuff to her diet anyway for a fresh nutritional boost. 
I am 9 weeks pregnant with our second child and due to a very difficult labor and birth with DD, it has been suggested to me to see a Chiropractor with this pregnancy. I understand the lifestyle and dietary aspects of holistic chiropractic care, but is there anything different about the adjustments or spinal care itself? I was told that with excruciating back labor and five hours of pushing (within which DD would slide back into the womb and out of my pelvis every time I...
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