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I'm not sure if you were "Yeah That" ing me or Imakcerka.
As a mother who had a scheduled c/s for medical reasons, it was a burr in my side that I was not allowed to discuss any of its benefits under the old UA. I'm glad it's out in the open b/c for many (most?) of us, having a c/s was not offered as A choice, but THE choice. Birth is unpredictable :p   I'm not sure where else people who are not vaccinating or UCing or bed sharing are supposed to go to get message board support other than here. Or at least a place as big as...
My thoughts on the MDC vaccine board are that I do not see why it should change from what it is. MDC, to me, is largely about supporting choices that go against mainstream America. If I want vaccine support and advice, I can do like Adeline's Mama and go elsewhere. I do not see vaccinating and RIC as the same. I view one as protecting my children and others and the other as mutilation. Perhaps your views of vaccines would be different if your child had not suffered an...
For one, you can stop vaccinating at any time. Once a circ is done, it's done. Most of us who fully or partially vaccinate see it as helpful, not harmful. Yup, the same can be said of all the other circumstances (RIC, spanking, CIO, formula, etc). Don't people ask questions about cribs all the time here? Or about hospital births? Or about the experiences of those who have had epidurals or scheduled c-sections? Don't people who opt for UCs sometimes get slammed? Everyone...
Mine's been super low to the point where even the midwife was impressed. On Friday night, it dropped even lower while I was sitting at the computer. Since then, I've been getting less comfortable and more moody. I'm 38 weeks, so I've already been okay w/ baby coming for the past week :) Physically, I can take making it to my due date, but I will be a mental WRECK if it goes that long.
DD1 is four and has always been just that different. We have only pursued therapies when her differences have interfered with her coping and having a "normal' life experience. For instance, she has diagnosed anxiety disorder & used to get therapy for it. You can't tell anymore, so no therapy anymore. She could probably be diagnosed right now as ODD & has ADHD tendencies, but neither of these things interfere with her social life, school life, and her father and I have...
I think of pre-teen to be 11&12, maybe 10. Culturally, I have heard of tweenage beginning at 8 or 9. 
So sorry to hear this :( My father died several years ago, it is indeed horrible.
If the DCP told you it wouldn't work after only one day, that is bad (on her). Kids need time to adjust. I agree about finding a center.
Nalgene is now made out of copolyester, which is supposed to be v safe. If you have the money, I say stick to SS, though. That's my personal take :)
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