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Will he take a pacifier? If so, there's your answer. If not, I got nothin'.
Queen Jane's long post on the last page is the reason why. I've picked up three babies from the hospital and all three went back to mom or relatives. We know going into it that the goal is reunification, so we were not devastated or anything like that. It's also hard to live your life as "Well, if this happens at court, then maybe we'll decide this.." There seems to be a v long wait adopting internationally, but as others have pointed out, it's often a guaranteed thing,...
I honestly cannot remember how long, but it was not until my stitches were fully healed, which was longer than six weeks. I only had a very minor tear. You can always fool around w/ out having sex. It will probably hurt some no matter how long you wait, but if it is still actively sore, I would avoid it, too, due to pain. With time, you'll feel normalish, and eventually, normal!
It's normal. Not only is your entire body system off, but the relaxin you produce affects ALL the muscles in your body.
My other two pregnancies came w/ horrible nausea and vomiting. Not hyperemesis, thank heaven, but I took drugs both times. The second was loads worse than the first. Nothing but the drugs helped ~ nothing. I still threw up even on drugs (compazine first time, zofran second). It did not reach a peak or taper off. At 13 or 14 weeks, it just stopped, along w/ the fatigue. This time around: nothing. No nausea at all! I have been so excited! I prayed and prayed to not feel...
I filled out The Belly Book with my first daughter. Didn't do it w/ dd2 & only took one or two belly photos w/ her at the end. Am filling one out again w/ this third one. I am not good at open-ended stuff, I will never finish (if I manage to even start!). I need fill-in-the-blanks. Their baby books are also fill-in types, which was great, & both are done. Will be doing one of those again, too.
Early October. Baby #3 for us :)
Longies, longies, longies! I have a pilot cap pattern that I want to try. At least one regular sweater & Pebble, too. Those Rhino Rompers are adorable! I might have to try one. I plan on sewing a bunch of Quick Change Pants.
There is nothing strange or inappropriate about your daughter yelling at this little boy.  My daughter is almost four, her sister is almost two, and she just did some yelling at an almost 2 yr old boy at playgroup (which I was hosting at our house!) this past week.  The other mother did not say anything, totally let me handle it, as she should have.  It was MY daughter being nasty to this boy, MY job to handle it. Now, he also has an almost four sister, so he was not...
Probably b/c most people in this country are vaccinated.  To me, that stat is proof the vaccine works.
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