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I live in Litchfield Park but go downtown all most everyday (DS2 goes to Metro Art HS) I would love to get together with some other mamas. My LO is 17 months and loves to be with other kids.
I love my Boba carrier ! My LO doesn't like the hood on the Ergo and the Boba has foot straps that are awesome. I have back issues and this carrier causes me the least amount of soreness (even less than my Ergo). I can't say enough good things about this carrier.
I love, love, love my Boba carrier so much. It is awesome for hiking! It is similar to an Ergo but has foot straps for your LO's feet and IMO much better back support. It is made by the Sleepy Wrap folks. Here's the site: http://www.bobababycarrier.com/index...o-baby-carrier
There is the Loving Hut in North Phoenix. It is pretty good!
I 3rd the Khalsa recommendation. My brother's kids have gone there for years and it's an awesome school!
I second Khalsa Montesori. My brother's boys have been there since preschool and now are in the grade school. My brother is the school's PTO president so if you have any questions, pm me for his email.
Thank you everyone for your kind words. Things seem to be returning back to normal (whatever that means!) and Molly seems more positive about life in general. The kids are going to prom tonight and I hope they just can really enjoy the moment. Thanks SandyMom for the link. There are so many promising treatments on the horizion for MS patients. Check this out http://adultstemcelltherapy.ning.com...e-on-the-early I know some people are funny about stem cells but this...
I am going to back off and let her know I am here for her. I did give her some information on stem cell treatment trials which look very promising. She was very happy to see that. It is so sad sigh
I haven't posted here in long time. My teen dd boyfriend of a 1 1/2 years (her only one too) was just diagnosed with MS. It is horrible. He is the nicest young man and I couldn't have picked someone better for her. DD is just devastated. We have a good family friend with end stage MS so she is very familar with the disease. They are very much in love, I know it. When I look at my daughter my heart breaks, she has changed. I am trying to be supportive, I found a...
NAK Hey everyone! It looks like we have some babies :::! And VM I am so happy for you :::! I am so sorry I have been mia for a awhile. I started to have some problems with the pregnancy (blood clots, pre-term labor and other bs) and I found myself getting a little crazy looking up things on the internet, obsessing about losing the baby, having her too early and such. So, I kept myself off the net except for email. Anywho, it all ended well. We had her on...
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