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I am still at 211.  This week I have tried a kickboxing aerobics class for the first time which was fun.  I made better food choices until the weekend came around.  I want to see the other side of 200.     Pixie girl.  Impressive that you are doing P90X.  I want to do it but for now I am just doing Power 90 (and not as often as I should).     My best friend and I are going to do a triathlon in August for our 40th birthday so I  have been swimming several times...
Hi,   It is morning in the US.  I am starting at 211.   I have rushed my oldest out to school.  I am going to start the day with some vegetable juice and then I am off to the gym for a good start.   Best wishes to everyone!
I did not do well on this challenge.  I went on a road trip to visit family and ate very poorly.  I have a hard time going home and not eating like a teenager.  I gained 4 lbs.  I did arrive home in the middle of the night and hopefully once I settled down at home it will not be that much of a gain.  I did spend three days doing continous gardening.  Anyway my number today is 214.5.     As BFM as a my inspiration I am going to do another round.  Implement similar...
I will go for another round.  Thanks for organizing.
BFM you are an inspiration.  We started at the same point at this challenge and you have made tremendous progress.  Good for you.   That you did not lose on the last challenge gives me the inspiration to do another challenge,   Milk, I think that you have done a great job.  Everyone is busy - it is nice that you have taken on the task!
Quite embarrassed I am back at 210.5.  The race knocked my immune system and I had a horrible cold.  Four of my toes are in rough shape (I think I may lose one nail),   Being sick should encourage me to eat super healthy but it doesn't.  So poor food chooses and reduced exercise caused a 3.5 lbs gain.   I got some serious exercise in today.  Hopefully it will be better next week but considering I am going on the road, my optimism is limited.  I am not throwing in the...
Congrats!  Watching births is so beautiful.  Thanks for sharing. 
I ran a  Half Marathon in 2 hrs 31 minutes yesterday.  I am quite proud of that.  I kind of wanted to have a t-shirt that said 210 lbs and Running 13.1 Miles.  I think that it would be nice if people were more open about their weight and could relate better to other people.  But then again, I did not do make/wear such a shirt and it took many years for me to disclose my weight to my husband.     I took it easy on exercise this week so not to be sore before my race...
207 (down one pound).  My blister has healed and I feel good about getting my runs in again.  I feel so good afterwards.
Way to go claybear . I hope to be on your heels soon. A little loss while on holidays . I thought I would do better because of all the hiking but the icecream with the kiddies quickly negate that. 208. Onward go more progress .
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