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208.5 up .5. I had a big blister on my foot from my long run on Sunday so I only did water exercise (and there Easter candy :/ ). Finally popped the blister yesterday. Why different i not do that before? I expect improvement for next weigh in.
Thanks for letting me sneak in before the cut-off time.  Everyone here is an inspiration for trying and accomplishing.  I find it refreshing to see people being honest about how their daily lives affect their goals   208 (down 2.5 from last week).  I am trying to channel the frustration of losing the same pounds into getting things done.  I tried Tae Bo for the first time this week.  It was great fun but it kicked my body into sore mode for several days.     my...
Late in joining.  210.5 at 5'8"
I would like to join if it is not too late.   I am 5'8" and 208.  I am running a half marathon next month and it would be easier on my body if I weighed less.  I have been working on losing weight this year but right now I need I kick in the pants to continue the journey.  We have had birthdays and visitors and some stresses that have led to indulgent eating.
  I agree.  It is not bribery, coercion or blackmail.  Just making sure that you caringly teach your kids what is important.  Kind of like saying Please and Thank You.   .....I would love a world without food issues...... I would also love a world without junk food.... and while I am dreaming I would like to have world peace.  :)
I am way more with Chickie and Godsway on this.  Consuming fruits and vegetables is very important to me and my children eat them because that is what they are used to.  I also serve food where I know everyone will have a vegetable they like.  Lots of times we eat I say this is my favourite vegetable (cauliflower, edamame, kale) and it truly is.  Leading by example is important.   I had a friend over and her 4 year old was hungry.  I offered grapes (a fantastic snack...
Mellisal  - could you provide more details about the Quaker Oats September deal?   We use a lot of it and I would love to spend less money on it.   I personally don't like coupons at all.  I wish the stores and manufacturers would just give their best prices possible.  I hate looking for and carrying out the coupons - I think it is ridiculous busy work.  Unfortunately, the high prices of the new area where I moved (D.C.) makes it a necessity.  Are they inflating...
Wow, you are a fast responder!  Thanks for the reply.  That makes sense.  I am glad to hear that the humidity does not make it impossible to go for runs.  
Hi All!   My family is moving to Maryland.  Coming from up north, this means shorter winter for me which is great.  However, I learned that summers are very, very humid.   My question is, do you exercise (like running 30 minutes or more) outdoors, or is it too humid/hot.  I would like to train for a triathlon and/or a half marathon.   Should I look for a house near those wonderful paths, or should I find I house that can accommodate a treadmill/exercise...
We have thought of Silver Spring and Bethesda - we like that it is more urban but it would add the hubby's commute time and we want to minimize the commute.  We would definitely visit there for restaurants and shops.   Right now we are looking at Elicott City because we have found a school we like which would take our daughter even though she is born between Sept 1 and Dec 31 (our school year end is December 31).
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