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Thanks for the info.  I will have to check out the grocery stores.  Currently I get my organic fruit and vegetables from the big grocery chains so I am think I would be happy with a Giant.  Only once in a while I go to the all natural stores and it is good that they are available nearby.   As for the weather, I am from Canada.  MD winters are a definitely improvement for me.  It is all relative to what you are used to 
Thanks.  I will definitely contact you for pedi info (once we have lined up a place to rent).  I still need to convince hubby about one more baby, so hopefully I will be able to contact you for home birth info :)   I like Clarksville because there is an organic store and a vegan friendly restaurant.  I am hoping that draws more like-minded people to the area.   Thanks for a the info and the best wishes.
Yes, we are hoping that we can convince a seller to become a renter.  There aren't many detached home rentals.   Are house prices continuing to drop or are houses just not selling?
We will be moving for July.  We are looking at renting a house since we will be in the US for only 3 years.   We have looked on-line for a bit and with further investigation we really like Clarksville.
So much to discover.  It sounds like we will likely settle in/around Columbia.   I am happy that I have the internet available to reach out to you and to be able to look at things on-line.  Thunder Hill looks nice (streetscape) and your school has an excellent score (greatschools) and it is good to understand the village/neighbourhood concept though I still find this Columbia and not Columbia private housing development a bit confusing but I guess it should not...
Thanks so much for the input. I am happy to hear that there like minded people in the area.   The whole area sounds nice.  I like the pathways in Columbia. I haven't looked into Ellicott City and Silver City too much yet.  Clarksville sounds nice too (veg restaurant, store, good schools, paths).  Do regular grocery store carry organic produce/product in MD?   It is a relieve to hear about good pediatricians and midwives.  It makes me feel a lot better knowing...
We are going to be moving to Maryland from Canada and I want to move to a enlightened neighborhood around Fort Meade.   We are a plant-based diet eating, home-birthing, delayed/non-vaxxing,co-sleeping, tv-less family of five (6 month old, 2 and 5 yr old).   We are not concerned about the house prices.  But we want: - other people who share our values (and a way to meet them) - access to safe (preferable nice scenery) running and biking - access to play...
Another thought is to prepare raw oatmeal.  I know it sounds strange but it is super yummy.  Just take old fashioned oats, add fruit.  I usually add banana, pear and grapes.  Pour in orange juice to absorb and let it stand overnight (it only really needs 20 minutes) and it is an easy accessible snack/breakfast.
I don't think you can fudge anything up improving you food intake with vegetables in its natural raw state. You are not doing much harm by taking fish oil, eating eggs and the occasional dairy. Good for you for tackling it through diet and improving your family's health along the way. You can do it! Don't forget to check out the library for raw cookbooks.
I would like to suggest reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman.  It does suggest eating almost entirely vegan but it includes raw and cooked foods.  The reason I am suggesting it is because going raw is pretty challenging.  I am all for it if you can make it work, but to address health concerns it perhaps better to tackle something with a lesser chance of failure.   I went raw for a short while to improve my health.  It took a major part of my day to plan my food...
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