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I'm bumping this thread to tack on my own question.  I took Wellbutrin while nursing a toddler (actually from about age 16 months to 5 years.)  She's a bright, energetic, healthy 6.5 year old now.  I recently had my third child, who is now 4 months old.  I discontinued Wellbutrin just over a year ago when my husband and I decided to try to conceive.  I didn't take any medication throughout my pregnancy and haven't taken anything since her birth.  She's EBF and now I'm...
I had the shots in my pregnancy this last time.  I had my first dd at 36 weeks after PPROM and my second at 33 weeks after PPROM.  This time around I was able to go 37 weeks 2 days (9 days after my last p-17 shot.)  I did have ROM to begin labor, but I'm glad I made it as long as I did and I think it was in large part due to the shots.
My daughter is 6 weeks old and generally pretty calm and happy and gaining and eating well.  She is EBF.  However, like my other two daughters, she spits up all the dang time.   And she doesn't like to lay flat so sleep is getting to be an issue.  She doesn't scream or cry, but she grunts and groans loudly and eventually wakes herself and us up.  I wish I could explain the noises she makes, but she is clearly uncomfortable.  She seems most comfortable sleeping on my...
We did a shower for a friend and bought a scrapbook kit and accessories and had a little scrapbooking table.  People had the chance to go and create a few pages so that at the end of the event, the mom to be had a whole book that was ready, it just needed to have pictures added.
Congratulations!  I was wondering after you posted about the castor oil, and hoping things were going well for you.  Looking forward to pics of the new baby. :D
Forest-mama, I'm sorry you're feeling down.  If it helps any, I have had my baby and I'm bonding well with her, but I'm still having some depression issues.  I hope maybe we can help support you.  But if you need to take a break, I understand.
Congratulations on your sweet little girl!
My newest one is 2 weeks old today.  Like her older sisters, she seems to spit up a lot.  My middle daughter had reflux, but I don't think Bea does, since she doesn't seem to be in any pain.  She just barfs a lot.  :?   So I'm wanting to bathe her frequently so she doesn't smell like spit up milk, but she is so dry and peeling, it doesn't seem like it is good for her skin.   Sponge baths are helping in between, but it is hard to get in all the creases of her neck and...
Good luck to you and ELV!
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