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I went to get a manicure. The lady asked when I was due and I said "yesterday". You should have seen her eyes almost fall out of her head. You could tell she was afraid the whole time.   I'm a stinker, I said that on purpose. Yesterday was not my due date but hey, I gotta have fun sometimes.    
My LO is under 2 so I don't think a gift is necessary. But if I had an older child I would get something because I am very sensitive about younger sibling/older sibling issues and I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out.  
My first pregnancy was terrible, and so is this one.   Once I hit 6 weeks, everything goes downhill and it stays that way until the baby is born.   LOL, I am just full of positivity on these DDC boards.    
  I hope you are feeling a little better now.
Whew! I was beginning to think something was wrong with me until I read RuthieGirl's post.   I hate being pregnant. There is nothing enjoyable about it whatsoever, and as soon as the baby is out I am putting on some music and doing the samba.   I love babies and I love children, but I could do without pregnancy, it wouldn't make me sad at all.  
Birth is not a group event for me so I can't imagine. I don't even announce going into labor. You'll find out about the baby when he or she arrives.  
    I don't know if anyone saw because I was too shocked. I quickly slid my foot over it to cover it and then I bent over and picked it up. My husband gave me a strange look, so maybe he saw, but he didn't say anything.  
When your pantyliner becomes so wet that it loses stickiness and falls out of your pants in the middle of the store, then consider yourself embarrassed.
I think you should register and only give the info if someone asks. I think it's rude to ask for gifts and to assume people will buy from the registry- but if someone asks you about what you need then why not? How old are your other kids?   I am registering even though I have a one year old because I want the discount coupon and I am using the registry as a list for myself. I wouldn't dream of actually sharing it with anyone. I am also adding a car seat for my older...
I am so tired of throwing up that I don't know what to do. I just need a break. Now my husband is laying down with his head covered talking about he feels so tired and nauseous. I guess I am contagious.
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