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154 - grateful for stability, if nothing else! (Where did my formatting tab go? If I could find it, I'd mark the number in red.)
  Great repurposing! But I guess it wouldn't count as simplifying if I have to buy some new jersey linens... Love this idea. That material sticks to the shelf too, more or less.   Our suitcases are also holding other suitcases, but if they weren't - also cool.
153.5   not budging. not surprized, not horrified.
Tropicana - fellow 44 year old here...   I'm in a little different place (still regular cycles, not nursing) but different is the name of the game with premenopause! (And we're all premenopause til we're peri-, and then we're all post- ) But the last 10 years til the definitive change are really variable times.   The test done was probably your FSH level which keeps rising and rising if you don't ovulate, which is really the marker for menopause. A follow up...
not at all - it was inspiring! I love the aspect of not buying something NEW to make a solution. 
update - hmmm, the vacuum part didn't work, but the garbage bag part did. I folded 2 inside a large study bag and knelt on it and smoothed out a lot of air and taped the opening closed.  But I think the slippery quality on the shelf... not so much.
Oh what??? A vacuum and a garbage bag? Great! I love solutions that get around the marketing of a must-have new product. I did try to fall in love with the space bags that they sell for this purpose but I found the plastic too fragile and the ziplocks not locking.   Just about to pull the first ones from the dryer - will get my garbage bags and vacuum ready!
  Thank you huha for the inspiring words. Trekkin, I'm just limping along myself here - for the second time in a row! If you want, I'd make a commitment to just post daily, the good the bad and the ugly, just to help maintain consciousness... at least, that's the idea I have to help get me through the last weeks with less self-criticism...     Today's post for my own self-inspiration and responsibility: had an a.w.f.u.l. night with my son last night and took a pass on...
Sometimes I heat fluff and de-lint them in the dryer and then wrap them in flat sheets, and label with masking tape, and then cram them into drawers (1 per), or stack them in closets where they fall over a lot and take up so much space. Other ideas? And do you store them in their covers, or store those separately?   Thanks.   (I'm not yet ready to give them up, love them so in the winter...)
153.2 today, and I just want to say yup to appreciating fruit, at least. I was not able to totally banish the emotional eating gremlins this week, but I was able to move them from refined carbs to berries, and I was able to keep exercising and I see my aerobic tolerance improving a lot. Now I need to restart the compulsive 3 liters a day of water (I live in the desert, so it's not actually excessive here) and see if I can count a few calories again - that helped soooo...
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