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  The fascination on their faces was soon replaced by horrified tears - for all - as the cocoon revealed a nonliving critter with invisible yet painful rash-inducing hairs!
  I wish you could see the ears on Daddy's hood - but mostly that's the look of enchantment my son always gives his dad
  my guys like orange
  after bath, 2008
Never mind working out in the morning, I just struggle to get my feet on the floor. One thing that helps a lot is having a big bottle of water in the bed with me! (oh, the nightstand is just tooo faaaar awwaaayyy zzzzz) and drinking it ALL, right off the bat. Somehow waking my mouth and stomach up like that helps me motivate to at least go pee, and then, you know, I am out of bed and can think about caffeine.
aaarrrgh 154 again.   Honestly, I'm just surprised it isn't more since I've been hunkering down into some serious emotional eating. Luckily I've kept up the exercise, so I guess that's been my slightly saving grace. Accountability helps for sure, and I think I need to check in here more often to increase that sense of responsibility.
We've had a very similar experience, except that our son was talking clearly quite early, so we've been doing it longer!   All the tricks from pps are great, and I've used them all.   But llately I've also noticed that too much information can be very unhelpful to these little smarties. Our experience in a waldorf nursery is showing me that my son gets a LOT more emotional satisfaction from answers like: "Well, one day when it was time to build that bridge, all...
Well, I blew it once I got back from my trip - it was an intense family thing and though I kept it together diet-wise while we were away, I've been treating myself waaay too much since we got back. Finally my son goes back to nursery tomorrow after the break, so my bike to school program is back on, and I now know how to do weight loss with my aging metabolism - lots of work!   I'll get back on that horse now, giddiup!   154 today. ooops.
SOOOOOOO happy to tell you all that 9 weeks after joining the last challenge, I finally lost a couple pounds!   151.4 as of Saturday.   Currently travelling and the hotel scale says even less, but I won't believe it til I see it at home.   Obviously, red is a luckier color for me.... or counting calories actually works. I can't believe it.
Hmmmm. I gotta say, the basic math of counting calories and more exercise.... works. So obvious, but I often come to basic realizations late!   I've been interested to notice that I had to handle hunger for the first few days, and struggled to keep the food numbers down, and now the hunger pangs are more tolerable and easy to respond to, and I'm having trouble keeping the numbers up to 1200. This reminds me of the other obvious epiphany - the body can get used to...
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