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Tell me what week we're on here?   At least it didn't get worse this week:   154.6   But, it's still worse than our start, and this past week I totally upped my exercise and got even tighter on my eating. I'm really confuzzled. Not giving up, but it seems I do need to set my sights on just finishing this challenge with a minus at all, never mind 8 lbs, which I'd fantasized about at the start... 
Sorry to post so late --   I'm horrified: 157 and so bummed. And confused. I've been eating so well, avoiding so many temptations, and exercising MORE vigorously, and more often. WTH? Period is over, pms is over, and the only goodness here is that the better diet and better exercise is balancing my mood somewhat.    The thing is, til this bump up in weight, I've been going between 154 - 150 for about a year. So confused and disappointed. Sorry too,...
Dearest Adaline'smama -   We are indeed all aching for you in our hearts. Any way you want to make it through this time, I'll support. It is certainly true that exercise supports emotional heath - not to hide grief but make us able to survive it. It is also true that in times of great stress and heart pain, our body needs a different level of nourishment. If I were your best friend in real life, I'd be making you soft warm nourishing meals with lots of good fats, and...
Inexplicably - or rather, explained by freaking hormones - I am up up up this week. So frustrating since it was my best week of healthy eating since we started, and I had good exercise too...   Anyway, I hate to say this, but it's the truth:   155   So sorry Blues!   I'll keep trying, won't drown my disappointment in toast.
Lighting a candle for you in our home. No mother should have to suffer this - I am so sorry for your pain.
I'm looking ahead to a time in the near future when aging family in NY may mean we move back to somewhere in the hudson valley/ nyc area and wondering which schools we should visit in advance this summer. I doubt we'd move right into manhattan or brooklyn ($$$), but who knows...   Do you have any opinions/ experience/ impressions of these or other steinerish schools?   Thanks!
Waaaiiiiit just a second here.... could it be that they love acidic soil in areas that freeze consistently til spring is really there but love alkaline when the spring temps vary a lot?   Some say acidic, some say alkaline.... oh dear. This is where a tentative gardner like me easily discourages herself...
152 over here.  Like someone else said, it's a struggle just to maintain! Maybe it will help that I will not be doing any baking this week - last week was a lot of baking and though I gave almost all of it away, when there's even a slice nearby...    BSM, best wishes for good family times, and lots of healing for your dad.
That does make me think that the water and weather issues are as important as the soil - we are in the high desert with deceptively high daytime temps well before the last frost, so they are likely getting faked out. And of course, desert = dry, but so far we've got that adjusted with consistent drip system work.   Today will look for a soil sampler!
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