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Technically we are in zone 7 but I think we live in a funny little 6b pocket of our 7a area.   I'm sure they do need pruning. There are non-blooming branches even now while some are budded out, and some of the plants seem to be very well established (read: overgrown), so I'd assume pretty old. My guess is more than 7, some maybe even more than 10 years old.   I don't know yet if our soil is acidic - I've been told that I can take a sample to the local...
Congratulations on NOT being able to slosh your way through the next holiday season either!!!!    
Post in-laws, did fine - 2 nice stiff drinks, but no bread, just grilled meat and salad, and then running with my son's new bike and training wheels. So - minus all the barbed comments, I call it a successful day, and I'm inspired for a good healthy evening and a big hike tomorrow.
I'm feeling pretty good myself, though exhausted from what turned out to be a very festive week. If my weekend goes fine, I'll be able to hold my head up during monday's weight reports.   Today will be my big challenge - "pre-easter" with the in-laws: I usually make it through time with them by staying slightly soused, so perhaps a little research in advance into lowest calorie numbing agents would be worthwhile. I think it's guinness, but that just ain't gonna get...
Oh, thanks so much for replying!   When do you cut them back? Pre-budding, mid-flower, autumn die back time?    They may very well be overgrown, ok, I know they are, so perhaps cutting back will give them more energy.   As expected, 70 degree F 2 days ago, and snowing right now! I've got all the blankets covering as much as I can reach...
153 again today - grrr. Means essentially no numeric loss so far.   But don't give up on me blue team - it's really typical for my body to hold onto weight while I change my habits and then drop a few all at once. I'm not discouraged, on the contrary, I'm really pleased with all the new exercise in my life, and the way my mind is turning from toast to creating opportunities to walk.
This is me too, except I still check often for the inspiration that any kind of number can give me. But for the reasons you describe, I'm not fussed that I seem to have gained a pound since I started my daily walks... I always go up before I go down! It's quite mysterious, but I think of it as a slow fluid/ kidney response to a change in metabolic expenditures (exercise.)  
Our lilac bushes are thriving and growing, budding this week, but in the 4 years we've lived here, scarcely a blossom have we seen. They often get frozen after budding so I'm ready with blankets to cover them this year when I see the next frost coming.   Any thoughts on what else they would like?   Thanks!   -bereft lover of lilacs
Please report back if you end up with a broth that isn't squiggy for you too. I made myself do this ingredient, but honestly... they smelled like feet! I don't know why I didn't expect that, but I am now left with a bunch of feet in the freezer and no desire to use them. I'd love to hear if you find a recipe that makes it all nice and appealing.
Managed my wimpy version of c25k today, w1d2, but still just speed walking for the run segments. I compensate by also speed walking for the cool down segment. Felt great to be out of breath.  ...if only I didn't have to be a mama right afterward...
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