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I love what she had to say. She is a big influence on women and BFing.
I didn't use the AqualDoula, I used a La Bassine. I really liked it because it was oval, and I'm small so I fit in it just right. Once transition hit I couldnt' get comfy in the pool since I had to stand during a contraction, just what my body had to do. But inbetween contractions I would sit on my butt and have my legs as far a part as I could get them, and that was comfy, leaning forward felt nice and having my belly touch the bottom. I also liked to squat in the...
Used the La Bassine and loved it.
No. I find them uncomfortable and I can't BF in a rocker.
Around 5 weeks when lochia was gone. Had no problems, didn't hurt, felt the same as always.
If you were closer I could have rented my La Bassine to you. I'm in MN though.
Nope, just a first baby.
Yes I'd remove them. I don't upload any pictures that I haven't got permission to do so.
I didnt' give birth in water, but I did labor in water for a little bit. I did plan on a waterbirth, but was letting my body lead. When I was in transition I couldnt' sit. I had to stand and do squats. I tried to be in the birth pool, but it had no effect. It felt good inbetween contractions, but not during one. Wasn't really a big deal to me. Standing while pushing felt amazing.
Nope wouldn't be worried. We resumed DTD shortly after birth.
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