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I've been using a BabyHawk Mei Tai, but the friend I borrowed it from needs it back. We have some extra money that came in so hubby said I should pick out and buy whatever carrier I want!  So...I've narrowed it down to a Boba 3G or the Ergo Sport. Some considerations are that I am short, only about 5 feet tall. I am particularly short from my shoulders to my waist. I've heard the Ergo is not a good fit for short people, but not sure if that applies to the Sport model as...
I babywear for so MANY reasons!  My initial reason was survival. My son in on the Autism Spectrum  and has Sensory Processing Disorder. As a baby we didn't know this, but we did know he needed to be with me 24 hours a day. If he wasn't touching me, being held, he was unable to cope. Added to this was a husband that had severe health issues, so I had to be mom while also doing the shopping, cleaning, and general life activities. The only way to do this AND give my son the...
She needs to approach her husband with love, not anger. Tell him that she understands it is important to him, that he wants to do the right thing by their son. She does too. If he is worried about others making fun of him she can explain that the majority of boys are intact now. So he is more likely to be made fun of for being circumcised than intact. If he wants the boy to look like him she needs to gently explain that an infant penis looks nothing like his, circed or...
There are not people out there dying to adopt someone else's pets. So they will end up at a shelter, where your tax dollars pay for them. A bag of kibble at costco goes a long way, and is a minimal expense. I think that making her pets a permanent burden on someone else is not responsible if this is a temporary situation. buy cheap food at costco and get rid of cable.
What if a boy turned out to have a bigger penis than your husband, would he want the boy to cut off a few inches to make it look like his? I mean seriously, a baby penis is not going to look like a grown up penis, circed or not. And by the time it is big enough to maybe look the same they won't be comparing.
I never saw an OB during my second pregnancy, so never had a chance to have bad things said. But I heard plenty of horror stories from my family.  And my OB for my first baby said my c-section was becaues he was "too big." Well, my daughter was born over a pound heavier, after only 8 hours of labor!!!  I had an amazing midwife that believed in me and in women's bodies!  Talk to a a midwife. Even if you don't want a homebirth just talk to one to get a pep talk on your body.
Just wanted to say that you CAN breastfeed and be in the medical profession. There is a misconception that if you are around anesthesia you shouldn't breastfeed but it isn't true. You should check the equipment for leaks though.
reynauds syndrome?
When I make yogurt with raw milk the cream separates, as expected. However, i didn't expect it to get hard and chewy?  I mean, it's delicious, but should it do that?
A flat kite folded and snappied, with a thirsties cover, is as trim as a disposable on my girl.
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