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i was getting that, but once i started taking floradix and a B complex every day I no longer get any dizziness. My blood pressure has also come back up into the normal range now as well. Just something that worked for me. maybe see if your doc can check your iron levels? it's a good place to start.
I am a miserable house keeper, but one thing I'm great at is decluttering. Set yourself up with a zone a week. First week entry way, 2nd week bathroom cabinets, so on. Each day walk into the zone you are working on and grab the most obviously unused items and put them in a bag or box. I usually grab 5, but you might start with 10 a day so you start to see progress right away. Put the bag in your car. Next time you are out, drop it at the nearest donation bin. Nothing...
With my first baby it didn't feel all the way real until I was holding her in my arms. Then it was like "holy S!/@*, there was a BABY in there! Like a WHOLE HUMAN!" so, even after hearing the heartbeat, watching your belly grow, feeling baby move, it's ok if it doesn't quite sink in all the way until it's over. I think that's actually pretty common.
For my 3 and under crowd: Bowl of dinner scraps to stir and "cut" while dinner is being made, after dinner it goes out to the chickens Make playdoh and color with berry juice Mop the floor (instant slip n slide) "mega puzzle" take 3 wood inset puzzles and mix up all the pieces. My DD conquered the single puzzles around 2, so this has saved the day. Worm hunting for the compost pile Bubble machine Playdoh + glitter+ little plastic animals= hours of digging and finding and...
If one more person tells me "boy you have your hands full, you sure you can handle a third?" I'm going to punch them in the face just to show them how free my hands really are! I've had a rough day.... Don't judge me.
I don't coupon, because we only eat "real" food, but I do go to the farmers market right as it's closing and ask my favorite stands what they have that they would like to sell me for a reduced price. I can usually get more than a weekly CSA basket for less than $15. Maybe 10-12 lbs of great organic produce.
You can get a child's doula (fancy babysitter). Basically its someone who has been to several homebirths before so they won't freak out when you hit transition and their sole job is to make sure every need of your older child is met. My midwife had numbers for some when I was pregnant with #2, but we went with my mom cuz she's free.
I've had 2 babies, and 2 homebirths. I always knew I'd have my babies at home, so it was pretty automatic. I'll be making sure I have my birth tub, Vitalyte drink, homemade chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies. I'm totally looking forward to my soup and cookies, like almost planned this baby around them. That's my biggest reason for homebirth, food! Haha, I mean, there's other stuff too, but food is a big one. I can't do the hardest work of my life while only eating ice...
I'm still nursing my 33 month old and my 15 month old. I had no problems with supply thru my second pregnancy, not sure how it will go this time though. I'll nurse them for as long as they want, but I have a feeling my older DD will self wean at some point before the new baby comes. Although, I thought that last time too, so...only time will tell.
Seriously, I'm on baby #3 and I look 3-4 months pregnant already. WTF?! Oh well. This one feels different too. I feel confidant in being able to survive the newborn stage, even with a toddler in tow. I feel good about how my body handles pregnancy and I've had the same midwife for all my pg's, so I don't have to worry about any of the interventions and know all about what tests I want to opt for and what I don't want. There's just a whole lot I dont have to research or...
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