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Eh, it works out.  By two all of mine have been in their own beds, sleeping all night, without issues of crying or whatever.  Just wait until they are ready and ease them into it.  Interestingly, my younger ones have transitioned sooner and easier than the older ones.  I think because they want to be like the big kids. 
Just want to say that if she JUST had them out...be gentle with her.  I just had some dental work done today, and I'm hurting quite a bit.  Give her time.   Other than that, I don't have anything to offer.  Sorry for your babe.
I think you should sue for damages...to include your lawyer fees.   Good luck. :(
So, I've got a colicky baby.  Like, super bad.  Awake or fussy all day and all night.  If I put her down she gets hysterical.  Projectile vomiting, screaming, etc.  It's been lovely.  And I have been SO hungry...because, if I don't eat dairy she's fine.  Which is awesome.  Whatever it takes.  But, it still takes a few days for it to clear her system and her to settle down.  She is SO much better today that my dh has been in shock.  Who is this baby?!? he keeps...
IME, this is such a short time.  A few years of limited hours isn't going to kill you or your kids.  If you were working, you wouldn't be available, right?  Well, you ARE working.  You are child-raising, and this is the best thing for your family.  Stick to your guns.  Soon your kids will be bigger and it won't matter anymore anyway.
How long does it take from the time she first drifts off to when you put her in the crib?  Is it possible that it really is more than 20 minutes of sleep she is getting at a time?  I often feel like my babies only will be down for 20 minutes, but in reality, it's a least double that from the time they went to sleep.    Also, five months is on the cusp of sleep changes (mostly, a whole lot less of it from teething), but my babies are still usually on a 2 to 3 hour...
I'm so glad to hear this huddle is past.  Sleep well, Cristeen, I'll remember you and yours again tonight.
I've been thinking and praying for you and your family regularly.  *hugs*
Wow!  Finally a good herbal bug spray!  Thanks so much for posting that!   I can usually only read, too.  Right now the kids are in bed, and dd4 is actually finally sleeping.  I apparently can't have a chik-fil-a sandwich either.  Sigh.  It was a long night and morning.   casmer- try laying/leaning back on a pillow or something.  Then put your baby on top of you to nurse.  Then when the milk really starts coming, it will just pour out of her mouth instead of down...
Thanks.  That answered that.  Sorry for not being up on the other threads.  I'll work on it. (No snark intended.  I'm serious.  It's hard to jump in here, but I am totally interested in reviving this part of mothering.  I loved the vax threads that got into the nitty gritty.)
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