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http://www.vaccineinjury.info/home.html   I don't know if this is the same study or not, and I don't know if this is a reputable site (anyone know?), but this appears to be a huge study in-process debating this very question.
Did you mean to type 22lbs?  Because that sounds underweight to me, by a lot.  My ds weighed that by about 6m old, and all of mine have by a year...
I agree with this.  I think we need to take them one at a time. 
Well, even that definition of health is difficult to determine.   For example, my non-vaxed kids are very healthy, rarely "sick".  Another family we spend time with has kids the same age as mine.  Their kids are fully vaxed and ALWAYS sick.  Always going to the doctor, always on meds, always having tests for stuff.  But the true difference is our perception.  Her kids get a sniffle, and off they go to the doctor.  My kids get a sniffle, and on we go with life unless...
Wow!   I would be amazed to not have a blue-eyed baby!  Dh and I both have blue eyes, and all of our kids do.  Is it even possible for us to have a baby with another color?
Hrrmmm...I'm not really interested in being touched at all either.  Or talked to, really.  The more the kids play outside right now, the better.   A little sleep, and the baby being content is a really great thing.  I'm a totally different person if I just get a little sleep.  That's really not too much to ask, right?  Dh has been helping a lot, though.  He started getting up around 5 so he could take her for a few hours before he left for work.  That gave me a two...
Prayers, Cristeen.  I'm so sorry.
Are you belly binding?  Getting some form of a binder to support your uterus can, ime, make a huge difference.  A day when I wear it I can do SO much more with no increase in bleeding, or even a normal steady decrease.  If I do a lot without it, then it increases again.
My kids like to write the shopping list for me, and to write letters to other people. For the younger ones who don't write well yet, they copy what I have already written (which is what they told me) when they want to write a letter. They also like to label packages and presents a lot. I also encourage them to explain the pictures that they draw on the back. Oh, and sometimes I write some words from a book for them to copy. Like, when ds was working on the Bob books,...
I also used what I had, and then switched to a better option later.  Also, sometimes I saved things to use when we had company.  This may sound awful, but eating healthy is expensive, and lots of people don't appreciate it.  I have no problem taking a crockpot full of processed frozen meatballs in hfcs sauce to a potluck! 
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