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I think I want your midwife. :)   But, these are all very personal decisions, and all based on your own comfort level.  If you do want any of the things she doesn't do (and she sounds like a typical mw to me), then you should continue parallel care so you have the option to go if you want, or anytime after the birth.  You can take your baby for a checkup and still not vax, but you don't have to (we don't).   I think the big thing that you need to decide is how...
I am starting to wonder if dd is smiling.  I've been wondering since 2.5 weeks, which is really early, I know.  She's getting more and more deliberate about it.  I won't be confident for a few more weeks, though.    Several of you have babies that are a few weeks older.  Anybody cracking a smile yet?
Two hours sounds positively awful.  Sorry about that.    I had something like that from my couple of stitches (so it may not be comparable) with ds.  I had the option of cutting it if it bothered me, or just leaving it and seeing what happened.  I have no idea if it ever totally resolved, but I've not had any issues with leaving it.
Sigh.   I like to forget that in this over-developed country my drinking water is laced with stuff.  That's so disturbing, autism or no.
Sounds like he ate something greasy to me.  Anything fried lately?  Cafeteria pizza or spaghetti?
I think it's just downhill from here.    You have to decide to be an activist, or avoider, on most fronts.  Sadly, I've come to realize that avoiding is best in most cases.  Sure, the way things are working out for my family are great, and I'd love to share my logic and reasoning and experiences, especially with people I love.  It isn't just vaccines, either.  Lots of things fall in this category, depending on what group of people I'm with.  And, it can be incredibly...
Interesting.  Maybe I'll try shredding my own for broccoli salad. 
I also agree that fitteds would make pullup wool a whole lot more fun, but I've always used flats.  If I use the oragami fold, and am sure to tuck in the bottom flaps, we're usually good.   If you crochet, you can get some wool yarn and make some easily.  You just crochet a chain from belly button to mid-back, then single crochet in the back loops until it's wide enough.  Sew the sides together, leaving a gap for leg holes.  Go a few rounds around the leg holes, and...
You know, all of mine have gone through a super poopy stage around that age.  I think maybe it's, like you say, a growth spurt.  I have also always wondered if it's a teething thing.  Another month or so, and maybe he won't go quite so much.    You could also try taking him to the potty.  Not as a potty-training adventure, but maybe you'll get lucky and decides he'll go in there some.  Especially if he is at all predictable time wise. 
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