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I know.  Crazy.  I've lost 30+ pounds, too, and those prepg jeans aren't happening anytime soon.  Feels like not anytime ever.  But, patience.  Patience.  :)
I would call medicare and explain the situation to them and the need to be examined.  And, I wouldn't get off the phone until someone found me a loophole.  My insurance has been a pain before, but staying on the phone, and pushing right back has finally got me what I needed.    I would also consider going to a bella baby sort of place and paying for an ultrasound.  You can do that for 100 dollars or less, usually.
Thanks for the PSA. :)   And, for the only time I've found validation that it takes 6 months for the relaxin to ease.  People (doctors) looked at me funny when I said I still felt all loose after my fourth baby.  It was right around  6 months when things finally got better. 
I also wanted to say that I often think about what is important (to me) for my kids.   I am mildly interested in them being "on track", but more so because I don't want to deal with the state or nosey people if they aren't.  It's not for my children's sake; it's for mine.   It's important to me to protect my children's natural selves, and to allow them time to be little.  I want to give them the chance to have a carefree childhood, apart from deadlines,...
My limited experience actually suggests that the kids who are left to learn more gently and naturally are happier and learn more quickly and freely than the ones who were pushed.  Granted, that's only comparing our unschooling friends' kids (and ours), to our schooling kids' friends.  But, one group wants to learn, the other thinks school is the place for learning. 
No!   I tried them when dd1 was little.  The video is poor, the characters are hard to understand, and the plot is not fitting for small children.  Even if it were, there isn't enough in the picture to correlate to the words.   AND...I didn't get my promised return.   I've never tried these (other than youtube) but am tempted to order dinolingo.  Just from the youtube spot, my youngest was naming animals in the new language.  My older ones for sure picked up...
Uhm. I answered that already. AND I said we only need one forum, though sweet silver does bring up good points.I think you are just being difficult.
I'm late to the party, after just 4.5 hours, but I have question.   Why, exactly, do pro vaxers need a forum?  I'm not against them having one.  I guess I just don't understand why the mainstream needs a forum for support and discussion?  I thought the discussion was for making a decision really, or support for when something has gone wrong?  Or, support for when one of our kids gets sick with one of those vpds, and we'd like help from other btdt people.    What...
Sorry for the temporary OT...   What's broccoli slaw? 
I just use a pot, too.    I don't know about the best oil, but I do know that cooking it quickly, at high heat, and making sure to let excess steam out makes nice crunchy popcorn.  I used to have trouble with the popcorn seeming a bit stale, and doing those 2 things solved it.
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