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So frustrating, huh?  I often won't buy a product because it's all in unnecessary plastic.  WHY do they that for every little thing? 
Oh! A free gym!!! I totally forgot that where we are moving has a community center with a workout room! Hmmm. Dh could watch the kids while I ran down there, and if baby dd freaked out, I would only be a few minutes away. That's a really exciting idea!
I am totally impressed.   I feel like a slug, and would like to do more, but I'm just not ready.  Baby is not sleeping well, and life is so crazy right now...I think I would be foolish to even try.  It's a good day if I do laundry and dishes, cook, and play with my other kids.  And, at 3 weeks tomorrow, I'm still bleeding quite a bit.  I overdid it on Saturday, and really paid for it for a few days.    I think in a few weeks, I'm going to try some gentle yoga and...
Quote: Me, too.  The checker usually seems annoyed with all my produce rolling around everywhere, lol.
Nice thread.  Just took me two hours to calm the baby this morning again.  Thanks.   I do notice that when I am trying to comfort my screaming babies (this is my third one of this sort...), my muscles get tighter and tighter until I am practically subconsciously squeezing them.  That certainly can't help calm them.  So, I make a constant effort to relax my muscles and my touch, even when I feel like exploding.   Though, for my babies, it does certainly seem to be...
My second couldn't tolerate wheat, so I ate almost no grains at all until he was nearly a year old.  The other part of his problem was my crazy oversupply, so...you don't need grains for supply. :)
Does she get upset when you drop her off usually?   Maybe it is less that you come, and more that when you come back she expects to leave with you.  Could you just come get her and take her somewhere else for a while, and then re-drop her off?  You could take her for a short walk, or something like that.
I think fundal height is just a rough marker, and 2 weeks really isn't all that long.  As I have had more babies, I have found it to be fairly unreliable.  With this last pregnancy, I'd be 4-5 weeks ahead one month, and the next month behind. 
Thanks for saying this.  I reread my post, and it sounds pretty cavalier.  I should picked something else besides hr checks to mention.  My mw actually did do those, except for the last one because it was too quick.  So, I totally agree, and also want to encourage the OP to very aware during her pregnancy and labor!
I tell my kids that "my question answerer is tired". :)
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