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I joined when my daughter was born, she is almost 12 now!! Nice to see some familiar faces! MDC was a major part of my life for so many years. 
Look at all you guys that are Moderators and Ambassadors now!! Wow!
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita I love me some mountain mom. Oh how I miss seeing you too! Miss you too!! Its great to see you too. Quote: Originally Posted by charmarty MountainMom- just love love love all around! Right back to you Char.
Quote: Originally Posted by carmel23 The regular flu season starts around November, last year it peaked in February, and then disappears when it warms up... I is possible that it is another strain of flu, but not probable. This is always such an interesting part of it for me. The onset of flu and the peak coincides with the decreased availability of vitamin D from natural sources. The peak is the typical average point that human storage...
I would go to the Chiropractor if I had those symptoms. Mid back subluxations can present with those symptoms. Mid back subluxations are very common in breastfeeding women due to the 'postures' one needs to repeatedly put their body into to feed a child.
Thank you so much for this great information. I appreciate you taking the time to offer it. Off to research...
Thanks very much for the feedback.
I was wondering if you have any of you had any ideas on how we can treat our well instead of using chlorine bleach. We tested our well and it came back as having chloroforms present. We have to shock chlorinate the well, but don't want to use bleach if we can avoid it as we have to let the water run off somewhere. The well is on a certified organic/biodynamic farm. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Quote: If we click on the link and it is negative? What does this mean? Does it mean that you click on a link and are able to view a thread somewhere else? I am confused. So, there are members here that are members elsewhere that view negative threads on other boards and then come back here, pm a moderator and report it? I do understand when drama from other boards leaks onto MDC and causes issues.
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