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I really really love Pigeon, but I am super challenged by the spine rotator seated and rabbit.
Quote: The vitamin D in Nordic Naturals is synthetic added vitamin D Nope it isn't. Its naturally occuring D. https://www.nordicnaturals.com/direc...etail.asp?ID=8 Quote: Meets Our Daily Needs for DHA and EPA Suggested Use: One teaspoon daily, with meals, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. General Nutrient Support • Revolutionary Freshness level and Purity unprecedented in the United States! •...
That is so funny! And so right. Way to go G and Jade. Dd is going as a sloth this year. The costume is a brown hairy monkey costume. Dh and I were hoping she would think it was Sasquatch but she determined it was a sloth so that is what she has decided to be.
Busy around here too. I am managing to get in about 3 - 4 classes, mostly hot vinyasa flow types or moksha style practices at the studio. I am working part time at a whole foods market and full time in my herbal practice plus...life! Question for those in the know... Last night at class when I was doing the warrior series and moved into wide stance forward fold my feet! absolutely ached! Felt like the feeling right before a foot cramp sets in. Any ideas on why? Or...
Nordic Naturals doesn't process all the Vitamin A and D out. There is naturally occuring levels in the oil that offer up to 40% of your daily intake.
Quote: We live without electricity, running water or telephone (though my mother has insisted we have a cell phone, she pays). How do you go on the internet NatureMama?
I totally agree with you Ruthla.
I don't think you can judge how a man will be for the rest of his life by how he is acting in a stressful situation. People can learn to cope with stress. Weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Like I said in my previous post I don't think you can write this man off in one full sweep like that. He didn't act like this prior to the birth of the babe. I just really think this man needs some help to relearn how to deal with stress, depression etc. There are way...
I agree with most of you. I would be asking the dh to leave though. With a new babe and another child too I wouldn't be going no where. Best case scenario IMO is that the dh leaves, gets counselling to get over his rage issues and then the family can continue to be a family. Rage issues can be indicative of depression and depression can be treated and resolved. His behaviour is certainly unacceptable but I wouldn't write the guy off just yet. Men behave differently...
We get about 30 or so each year. A package of 25 fruit leathers costs me about $15. I usually buy two boxes and we eat the left overs as a treat.
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