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So far our dd hasn't expressed an interest in trick or treating. (she will be 5 in about 1 month). She loves to hand out the candy though. She loves to go shopping for it and getting it ready in its bowl and waiting for the kids to come to her house. We only hand out organic raisins (in boxes prepacked) or organic fruit leather (again packaged). We don't eat fake food in our house so taking her Trick or Treating to random houses doesn't make much sense for us. If and...
Hot Yoga Cord Wood Building Earth Bag Building Knitting Implementing the concepts in the "Secret" into my life Law of Attraction
Two come to mind. Beau Baby and Child at Heart. I have never been to Beau Baby (its in the burbs) but Child at Heart is a cool funky little store in the inner city. They may be interested. Kathy would know more than me though. She cruised the shopping scene here more than me when she lived here.
Thanks for the name of that Author, I am going to look for that book. Dh/Dp means darling/dear (or damn) husband/partner Dc/Dd/Ds means dear/darling child/daughter/son Here is a link to the big list of all the abbreviations http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=522590
How were your costs? I would love the number. We were connected to a fellow named Blake Jarvis out of Castelgar. He is supposed to be 'the' pump guy in the valley. Since we need to dig deeper than anticipated we will need to do the submersable pump route. Who is the author of that book?
Hey I saw your other post too! Thanks! We are in the "information gathering" part of our journey right now. We hope to have the money saved by next summer to do the water system. We have learned that there were animals on our property for several decades thus we most likely will need to go deeper in our well than we thought. There is a shallow well there already but the previous owner dug that only for irrigation purposes. I would love to hear your process. Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by animus_silvae Yeh, three Canucks "comparing" available resources. Maybe not the best way to spend our energy! Three? Am I on ignore?
There is a program (free) here that prepares people for that first interview for the job. Right from helping with resume writing, cover letter writing, haircuts, grooming lessons plus an outfit to wear to the interview itself. I can't remember the name off hand, something like best foot forward or something. Its run entirely by donation and volunteers. The volunteers are typically white collar office workers (typically women) who are giving back to the community.
Pandora...you lived in Calgary? Or are you referring to your experience in Hamilton? I know that the guys that pick up the food from the store I work at are definitely making food for the homeless. I also know that the Mustard Seed used the produce I grew in my garden for the food because I dropped it off to the kitchen and watched them add the carrots to the chili on the stove. Not all organizations that help the homeless are terrible, some are helping.
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