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My heart rate is definitely up during yoga. Vinyasa flow is a huge workout. What I love about yoga is that within the practice you have accomplished many aspects of fitness: strength training, resistance training, cardio, stretching, toning plus it is a "trainer" of the mind and spirit too. I find it a much more complete 'workout' than going to the gym. It very much depends on the style of your yoga practice. Some such has Hatha Yoga are very restorative and gentle...
Hi everyone! Another yoga mama here. Just got serious about my pratice this month. I have been going 4X a week to a hot yoga studio taking various classes such as a vinyasa flow, hot yoga and a moksha class all in a heated studio. I am so inspired!! Glad to join y'all.
I really like http://www.ultimareplenisher.com/ It is sweetened with Stevia and has no synthetic ingredients.
Well sounds like Kathryn had a say in it so that is good. Thanks for the link MacKenzie. And even though I know we are not supposed to 'talk' about other threads I think its fine to ask where a thread went and why. Its the only way one can understand what bounderies they are supposed to stay within on this forum.
Kathryn's thread? Poof it was gone. If you can't post it here can someone pm me the reason why. I was really enjoying it and thought it was giving Kathryn some wonderful support, that she needs! :
Quote: Originally Posted by LisainCalifornia I was here--but not able to register with my hotmail email address (it is the only email addy I have ever had). You need a paid email address. Yup that was me as well. I lurked but couldn't register due to my only email being hotmail. I was pregnant with Dd at the time. After she was born (Nov 2001) we had to cancel our internet because we were living on a really really tight budget and each and...
Doing it now! :
See the way I see it is that some of us age over time like a fine wine and some of us explode all at once like cheap champagne.
Quote: Originally Posted by frontierpsych I did this before you. poser. Poser. No way.
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