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China White...reminds me of my shooter drinking youth. Gale Force....makes me chuckle each time I see it. Xenabyte....my favorite cyberwarrior Wildcrafter and FarmerMama. Reminds me of my path in life.
Great poll, dd is three. I am looking forward to the conversations in the months to come. It is such a relief to be able to talk about breastfeeding dd here without anyone asking me "When are you planning on weaning her?" I do feel sad that the Extended Forum is gone. The lack of that forum will be a gap for some Moms who aren't CLW but EBing. Hope they reconsider.
Thanks soooo much!!!!
Today we had buttermilk soaked spelt flour pancakes. Mmmmm. I got a cast iron stove top grill from freecycle and its awesome for cooking up stuff like this. Has anyone tried to making the crispy nuts with seasonings?
((((((((((((((((((((Pagan Mamas)))))))))))))))))))))))
Before I forget. :gropehug to you all!
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day two of 2005! We watched Anchorman, didn't really like it too much, when Jack Black kicked the dog off the bridge I went to bed. Been busy getting organized for a strict training schedule. I need to get into backwoods shape. Major wood chopping shape, and I need to learn how to kayak. This is the year of the pioneer! :LOL
Welcome to all the new people! (HI Hotmamacita!) Well, accountablility was mentioned a few times and I really think that is a vital part to success in anything! So today is Sunday and we are off to the Y...Dd will swim with dh and I head to the gym for one of the three weekly sessions of strength training and concentrated cardio (45 minutes) Already completed my yoga before breakfast. First day is looking good! mental note to self: YOU CAN DO THIS! :LOL
Happy Calender Change! Wishes and desires for the new year: Have a peaceful and loving household. Show dd how to manifest peace in the world. Live like I am living rural. I am in a big city, but we are moving rural soon thus live in the headspace of where I want to be. Continue frugal living. Get into backwoods physical shape, learn to kayak. Try to be more extroverted. Connect with women more. Believe in myself.
Arlo Guthrie, that must have been interesting! I forgot to mention that I went to junior and senior high with country music star Terry Clark! I used to go over to her house and she would sing to Reba McIntire songs, she had Reba posters on her wall! She won most likely to succeed at graduation! :LOL
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