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hi all, i have been away from mdc because i have barely been able to leave my couch. i have unbelievable morning sickness all day long. i can't eat anything without having it come immediately back up. : due to the lack of food in my system i am lightheaded and tired all the time as well. it is absolutely miserable. with my son i had little to no morning sickness; i went to college full time and worked right up until the day he was born. i apologize for the...
this morning i discovered.. i am already too fat for my favorite 3 pairs of jeans. wahhhh!
yay green! good to see you here sweetie!
zen, i had bfn at 10dpo. i didn't even get a faint bfp until 12dpo. :
ug. my stomach is about as poofy at 5 weeks as it was at 3 months with ds! i'm relatively small in frame and i just wasn't expecting this so soon. i know everyone says it happens faster the second time, but holy cow! i've been wearing big buttondown shirts to hide it so no one asks me how far along i am, and i don't have to embarrassingly say "5 and a half weeks.." anyone else got the baby bump look happening already? is that even normal?
ug. i took ds into a store today and he was AWFUL! i don't know what came over him, he just stood in the middle of the store and screamed at me. i was like "holy hell, what happened?" the terrible twos are in full swing for sure. anyone else looking at baby stuff? i look around but i feel like i can just get all of ds's clothes back out for this one. i'm hoping for a girl this time but i feel like if i even buy one little girly onesie i'll jinx myself into having a boy....
natasha i am SO happy to see you here dearie!
oh you guys are lucky. my dh has the complete opposite taste in names. last time we got pg we couldn't agree on one until i was almost 7 months. he wanted to name him aidan (#1 most popular name in america at the time) or dylan (#5 or #7 i think) and i said no way. think time i have 2-3 girl options, and 1 solid boy option, and dh refuses to even talk about it yet to avoid the fights. ug.
personally, i would go. but i'm adventurous. i saw rent for the first time in nyc when i was almost 8 months pregnant with ds. it was AWESOME. ds was jumping to the music in my belly, i'm pretty sure he was having a great time. and it turns out as a toddler he is very musical. i like to think that had something to do with rent. i traveled all over while pregnant with ds. i ended up having him in a hospital 3states away with the local midwife. i wouldn't change a...
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