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Had my 2012 baby 3 weeks ago... little girl, Roxanne Marjorie.   Maeryn loves her to bits. (excuse the messy hair, she was at a hotel with my mother the night before and hadn't had her hair done up yet)    
Had my babe 3 weeks ago... she turned out to be a girl. Roxanne Marjorie. Our family is finished with 1 boy and 3 girls. Waiting on September to find out if hubby gets his promotion (and a low number to actually get it), we're hoping or we can't go home in December (his current job has leave all sorts of wonky for Christmas, no one will be able to go home if they have kids in school) if he gets promoted he will change jobs and we can just hope that it will be to one...
My hubby with our little Mae when she was a couple days old.
No baby yet. Was due 2 days ago. Figure I'll still be pregnant in a week and half. Sorry I'm not around much. It's a pain to get on MDC on mobile without a proper app and I hate sitting at my computer.
I know, I disappeared. I am on my phone much more than my computer anymore and last I checked mothering didn't have a reliable mobile app so it's a pain in the rear to get on. :(  Baby's still in there, still don't know who baby is and hoping so hard that baby comes this Wednesday.
Having our #4 any day now. Ro (still a surprise!) due July 11th but I'm really hoping for the 4th.
With my first two I had tons of checks, but it was a hospital birth and before I learned how very little any of those numbers mean.   With Mae, I had 3 the entire pregnancy. 27 weeks because of bleeding, to make sure I wasn't dilating (and this one was done by ultrasound, no less!), one at 41w and some days to see if I was "ripe" enough to try a sweep (I wasn't.) and one during labor because my labor seemed to be "stalled", I had a lip left, midwife said it would fix...
this was 2 weeks ago.
I have one for early labor, I turn it off later on. But early, when I need distraction and dancing is beneficial to progressing labor, I turn it on and up :) Most of it is music I just love that keeps my spirits up: "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes "Such Great Heights" by Postal Service   That's... pretty much all I have so far. I really need to add more.
I'm doing me on top as much as I can... it's about the only regular exercise I can get that doesn't kill my SPD!
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