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Appointment today   pee test was perfect blood pressure was 110/73 heartbeat was 153 fundal height was 31 (ill be 31 weeks wednesday...) This baby has been the very most "perfect" for measurements out of all of my kids.   No worries about baby, very very active.   Midwife sent me home with a bag of boy clothes, since we don't know what we are having. She wrote in my file "Let (husband) check gender at birth", we had already discussed it before but...
]   30w
I'm getting charlie horses like crazy too, mostly in my feet which really stinks. I just need to up my calcium and magnesium but still... ow.
life. AGH!
My 19 month old has noticed my tummy getting bigger and that mommy cannot carry her very much anymore.  She's taken to calling my belly button "Ro" (I suppose it's a step) and kissing it and talking into it.
My husband agreed to give me a budget for more cloth diapers for this baby (he's been holding off... I think he wants cute gender specific ones but we aren't finding out what we're having until birth)   So I'm very excited, this payday or next (depending on how quickly this payday disappears with buying my birth kit... gasp!) I get to go on a shopping spree of diapers! My first real purchase for this baby! I've bought a couple gender neutral outfits... but that's it....
yeah 10 years ago it was cutting edge technology!  I didn't even hear about them until my second pregnancy 7 years ago and even then they weren't available   as well by 34/35 weeks, baby is pretty squished, so that's probably why he looked so weird. They suggest, for best pictures, to go between 27 and 34, but more in the middle of the two is best for chubby baby who isn't squished.
Appointment today -    Fasting blood sugar - 71 After an hour - 93 (no worries at ALL)   Blood pressure - 108/70 Baby's heart rate - 150 Fundal height - 29 (I'm 2 days shy of 29 weeks, totally on track)   Pee stick came back "perfect"   So no worries whatsoever. Now we start every 2 week appointments and I have to buy my birth kit. Uh... where did the pregnancy go? It hit me when she said "Okay, time to see you in 2 weeks" that ... holy...
  Ignore the state of my clothing, this photo was taken after 10pm on a very very busy day.
I'm on the Google group... sorry for not replying here!
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