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yeah they both got daddy's mouth. I don't mind though, it's a nice mouth :)
is it nice out? It's gorgeous here today. that's my one saving grace for how I'm feeling with a dance party in my tummy and a 1 1/2 year old that refuses to eat anything mommy makes for her but still insists she's hungry.
I had an appointment yesterday. I forgot about it until 10 minutes before and it's an hour drive away. So now it's next Monday, which is when I was pretty sure it was supposed to be in the first place (but midwifes book and my phone say otherwise, so I'm going to have to say pregnancy brain got me again)
good luck with the house ms. shell!   We finally broke the ice with hubbys parents that we want to buy their home and land when he retires... that gives them about 10 more years in it, which they wanted anyway, and then they can move out to the land my mother in laws parents are on.   I absolutely love the home and it comes with about 5 acres of land including a pond and large barn... and a HUGE empty grass space I can turn into a small field... and we'd be out...
OMG! I didn't even know. And the best part is I LOVE the lady who is my co-honorable-mention!!!!!!!!! We were pregnant together last time after a whole lot of trying!
for our medical one, hubby and DD2 was able to be in the room the entire time, watching.  for this one, we had to pay out of pocket at a place that specifically does them.  
The whole thing is SPD is actually caused by everything being TOO relaxed... so that would be counterintuitive.
We went in already familiar with the place and the tech, she did our 4D last time and we knew we would get great shots. She actually remembered us as well, which of course makes you feel awesome when it's been 2 years, you know?   I've seen some shots from other people that make me wonder why they even spent money on it, you can't really tell it's even a baby. I was glad they were able to get us in here (it was a last minute thing, so my mother-in-law could go) so we...
Had a 4D scan done, since my mother-in-law has never been to one, we didn't wait for 34 weeks like last time, went at 27 1/2... so these are what we got:   Baby's eyelids open at 26 weeks. Just in time for us to get a couple shots with baby's eyes open!   Facepalm...    Grumpy butt   Seems to be signing "I love you" (this is by far my fav because of that)   Sweet baby face <3   YAWN!   I was surprised at how chubby baby is...
Exactly the same with my last. And this one loves to headbutt my cervix now that he or she is head down all the time, causing sudden intense twinges of pain.
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