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Quote: Originally Posted by waiting2bemommy I didn't want the IUD and I already have issues with depression and don't want anything hormonal, and SO hates condoms, so we were stuck with pulling out. Now I'm worried that it's not enough. any thoughts? is there some magic birth control out there that I don't know about? yes! there is! it's called VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film). i have issues w/ depression also and both SO and I dislike condoms....
Quote: Originally Posted by KaylaBeanie Clearly, it's almost impossible to hold down a real job while being a midwife you might want to rephrase that.
I would check craigslist, freecycle, garage sales, and thrift stores for an inexpensive bike in rideable condition at first. then you can see how often, when and where you ride it and go from there. if on end of the spectrum you just use it for leisurely trips around the block after dinner you might want a cruiser. if you find you would really like to use it as more of a commuter bike, then you would probably want a hybrid or road bike. if you don't really end up using it...
Autism: The Musical, OT: Our Town, What Would Jesus Buy?, God Grew Tired of Us, Home Movie
Quote: Originally Posted by pianojazzgirl Melaya - my dh does almost all of the phoning but it drives him nuts. I don't think he really *gets* what it does to me to use the phone. He just gets irritated and thinks I'm being lazy or something putting off calls that I should make. It's very annoying. My best friend sometimes pretends to be me to set up appointments etc. I don't have a cell phone so no texting for me, but I do ADORE email,...
Everything by Bryan Fuller. Seriously I LOVE his shows. Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and ESPECIALLY *Pushing Daisies*!!! Also, extra votes for Weeds (though it really gets weaker and weaker with every season), Big Love, Mad Men, and Monk. Oh, and I don't think anyones mentioned United States of Tara.
my boyfriend is 24 years old and has never had an issue.
There's South of the Border, in SC, but I'm sure you're already aware of that. Let's see… it's not on I-95, but there's this really awesome building in Orlando, the Ferran building if you're heading to Orlando you'll pass it on I-4. It's got big giant orange outlets and whirling fans. It's really neat.
wow, this is an old thread! i just got $30 put into my paypal account for doing a mystery shop, and i think it might be about to dissapear… does anyone have any tips on what length to get? i'm 5'4 and 155lb, and a pretty full d-cup.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brown Lioness 5. Random fact about yourself I have dreadlocks that are past my butt, lol. I've been growing them for 10 and a half years now. dreadlocks! i had dreads for a year, and then i just couldn't stand having the same hairstyle for soo long, so i chopped them all off. my SO just chopped all his off after two years! but i definitely plan on having dreads again, after i've grown my hair out. i don't think...
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