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i just recently read both of them, and i definitely recommend the Guide to Childbirth, first and foremost. the Spiritual Midwifery is a fun read, though; kind of like a glance back in time.
there's probably already a thread on this, but i can't find it! this is horrifying, and absolutely steels my convictions about avoiding a hospital birth. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/louise..._b_242307.html
okay, so i was carrying my glow in the dark hula hoop down some skinny concrete stairs, and my neighbor saw me and started questioning me about how i made it glow in the dark. so i turned as i reached the bottom step, to answer, and that's when i ended up falling over sideways, in a tangle of limbs and hula hoop. i heard a loud crack, and i walked up the stairs fine, completely composed until i got to my apartment where i guess the adrenaline ran out and the pain kicked...
a momma in Brooklyn was chastised for trying to feed her baby in an IKEA in Brooklyn, and when she tried to go out to her car to finish feeding, they stopped her and checked her receipts! this story seems to be spreading pretty fast among the blogosphere, but i just wanted to and it seems like there may already be a nurse-in being planned. http://gothamist.com/2009/07/23/brea...hed_to_ike.php
this is really really bad stuff. i was given it by planned parenthood, and when i filled out the intake sheet asking for any pre-existing conditions i may have, i truthfully answered no to every single one, except the one about having a history of psychological issues. when i was "counseled" about recieving the drug, the nurse went through all of the questions again, verbally, EXCEPT THAT ONE. i have been hospitalized for severe depression. Depo is contraindicated in...
you sound just like me in regards to occasionally missing periods for months at a time. when i got pg, i had missed three months of periods, with repeated neg pg tests. when i got my u/s at the beginning of month 4, i was only 7 or 8 weeks pg, so my first missed period was just a fluke, and possibly my second. so i don't think figuring out when your last period was would help.
it's definitely possible to be pregnant and get a negative on a home test. i missed three periods in a row, and took a home pregnancy test each month. all of them were negative, and i only got a positive one after i started getting morning sickness. by then i was seven weeks pg!
Thanks for all your advice. So, it sounds like just the fact that I'm in school for Early Childhood Development could be enough to get me hired at a some daycares? I'm thinking I could go for the Associates Degree, and then later return to college for a Bachelors in photography (another of my passions). Unfortunately due to the fact that I dropped out of high school, if i want to get a liberal arts degree, all my elective slots are taken up by Math catch-up classes,...
My heart LEAPED when I saw this thread. This is one of the best shows EVER made (which, of course, is why it got canceled). I heard rumors of a possible movie to wrap things up. I hope it happens.
Big thanks for starting this thread! I love trash reality tv like this, and I've been bedridden with a sprained foot for the past week, with nothing but my computer and one library book to sustain me. Thanks to the heads up from this thread, I was able to fill at least one day with a 16 & Pregnant marathon. Has anyone seen the episode w/ Ebony? It's not currently available on MTV.com. Someone mentioned that one of the girls breastfed, was she the one?
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