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oh, i like Basil! It reminds me of The Great Mouse Detective.
it's not indoors, but you shouldn't miss it. http://www.maitlandartcenter.org/general.htm it's right across the street from two museums, but i can't find information on them.
i just moved into a new place and the windows are those crank operated ones with multiple panes of glass that rotate out to open. anyway, when we moved in the outside of the windows were covered in a thick layer of grime. i used water, a sponge, and then Arm&Hammer multi-surface cleaner on them. (ugh, the amount of dirt i had to rinse off the sponge was disgusting.) when i was done, the visible splotches of black dirt were gone, but the glass is still grey, like each...
i don't know if i can embed videos, so i'll just post the link. hooray! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9GXG...layer_embedded
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina thats awesome yeah i've been going to nationals since i was 6 months old. its an amazing experience i cant even imagine how it would be starting it later in life: Oh, wow. And I can't even imagine how amazing it would be to have always gone! But, I guess my future baybeez will know. I struggled with social anxiety while out there, so I didn't really meet or spend time with anyone. That's part of the reason...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina i've been to Ocala have you ever been to a national this year it is in New Mexico www.welcomehome.org Yes! Ocala last year was my very first gathering and I was only there for two days but it completely changed my life. My second gathering was the 2008 nationals in Wyoming! And now I'm starting out on a year long journey along the rainbow trail.:
Hello! I figured I should probably start posting here, considering the high frequency with which I run into this forum when Googling things. Baby wearing, WWOOFing, cloth diapering, homeschooling, I think I belong here. =) My best friend recently had a baby and was on this forum every day. It deeply influenced her choice to have an unassisted homebirth. I'm 21 years old and have been cohabiting with my lover and very best friend since I was 16. We both love babies are...
The dish you guys are describing is making me drool over my keyboard. I'm definitely gonna make one of the recipes suggested. Thanks so much!
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