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I think I got my period at maybe 2 months post pregnancy!!! I Was so outraged. Someone told me it was because I was super fertile. It could have been because I was pumping when I returned to work-- whatever. We are nursing and pumping at 9mo. She is thriving. I hear you. I was Peeved that it came back when most of my friends still no period. Ugh!
My 9 mo DD loves to touch hair, anyone's hair. My friends kids call her the "hair monster". She will go for it whenever she gets a chance- and she pulls, she will climb your scalp, she will eat hair. It is especially bad at night when she is nursing. She almost always requests a piece of my hair to hold or pull while she is nursing. She has been doing this since she was able to reach up and touch my hair. She also does this at daycare. At night she will scream until I...
conrats michelle. if we r relocated, I am glad there are moms out there. and thanks for the info on the yahoo group.
Hi- My DH has been relocated to a position near Trenton, Ga. Yeah. I made a quick visit to Chattanooga last weekend and it looks "cool" but I see very few Chattanooga moms on this board. Is there anybody out there?
I was reading the post about the 3 & 4 yr old who bite and kick, demand the boob etc. and freaked out. With all the propaganda we get re: spoiling, etc, STN, teaching them now or it will be worse later.... I guess I just needed reassurance that I am doing what is right. Inherently I know that my baby just needs me when she needs me and that is the best thing for everyone. Sometimes I HAVE to let her cry for a few minutes just to get ready for bed and brush my teeth! There...
We co-sleep. Sometimes she goes down in the crib, wakes up a few hours later and spends the rest of the night with me, until I put in crib when I get ready for work. I guess I am worried about boundaries. I have friends who won't admit to CIO, but do anyway and say I need to let her learn to not cry/need to be held/nurse multiple times at night, yadda yadda.I don't love co-sleeping, I do wish she would sleep in longer stretches, but it is right for us right now.But I want...
Nature- DD seems to have come out well adjusted to the world. It is kinda weird-- I don't dare take too much credit. Cranky when she is tired and hungry just like everyone else.
Anyone had experiences BFing at the atlanta aquarium? I may be going this weekend. Currently not feeling up to dealing w stares/awkwardness/fumbling--
I supplemented 2 oz of formula today with the 10 oz of EBM I was able to pump yesterday. I used those samples from the hospital-- I am sad and mad. My freezer stash is nearly gone - mostly b/c of the crappy medella bags splitting. DD is 6 mo and she has had BM exclusively. I don't think I have had a "supply issue" per say, but more like "supply stress". Maybe I am just afraid that this will continue, maybe i am tired and overwhelmed (husband lives/works out of town 21...
okay, I will write that letter-- I am still angry. What is an IBCLC? - International? something? Thanks!
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