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  Born, March 23, 2012, one day after his due date…   Since 29 weeks, our baby boy was breech.  Once we neared 35 weeks, I began to try everything.  You name it, I tried it.  But he was super comfy the way he was and couldn’t be bothered to turn.  We even tried the ECV.  Because he was breech, our midwife could not legally deliver him at home.  I transferred care to the only doctor in the state willing to let his patients attempt vaginal breech deliveries.  He was...
We had our first at home and it was a wonderful experience.  My labor was long (26 hours), but straightforward.  I had a midwife, her assistant, my husband, and a good friend--a wonderful support team.  We are planning our second home birth when our second is due in March.  Hope that helps!
  *Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by): baby pea *EDD: 3/21/12 *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 33 *Location: CO *How long it took you to get your BFP: second cycle *What number child is this for you: 2 *Family (partner, other children, pets): DH, DD (3 years), best rescue dog ever *Birth plans/preferences: Home birth number 2 *Thoughts / anything else you you would like to share: So thankful to be pregnant, and so...
My husband used to wear our dd while playing Rockband and Guitar Hero with his friends.  She loved it.  We love the Becco!
My husband and I are moving to Buenos Aires with our 19 month old daughter. Just wondering if there were any Mothering Mommas there!
We so know how you feel! DD is just about 11 months now and doesn't want anything to do with pottying. It's so frustrating, but I keep trying to remind myself that it's just a phase (oh, please let it be just a phase!!!) and not get too worked up about it. We still offer the potty, and are sometimes surprised. But lots of laundry for us these days. Sigh.
We were catching about 90% of everything until two weeks ago when little girl started crawling. Now she can't be bothered to go anywhere but in her CDs. We're only catching about 10% now. We're still offering her the potty, but she is, for the most part, completely uninterested. She doesn't even seem to care if she's wet or poo-y, so we're having a hard time knowing when she's actually gone. (She used to let us know immediately and wouldn't tolerate a wet/dirty dipe.)...
Yay! Way to go mamma and babe!!!
It’s half way through the month already. I’m late to the party! We’ve had a really rough week this week. Ella came down with a stomach bug that I caught a day later and now DH has. It’s miserable. And it made me realize that a mother really is never off duty. Even wretching her guts out, she still feeds and comforts her lo. DH was a super hero though the other night—running back and forth between puking wife and crying babe, and then puking babe and crying wife....
We made it just 30 minutes shy of 24 hours without a diaper change. At 23 hours 30 minutes a silent, sneaky poo made it's way out. So close! I'd been trying to catch that darned poo all morning. And yet, for a family recovering from a stomach bug, part-time ecing a lo who 75% of the time does not signal (all timing!), this is a remarkable thing! We've had a rough week with sickness. If feels good to be able to brag about something other than mere survival!
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