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I knew twins named Lila and Leila. Couldn't stand either of them, and its soured both names for me. (They were pronounced Lie-la and Lay-la.)
isn't spotting the worst? You just never know. If it's any consolation at all, I am on my 14th pregnancy, and had spotting with just 2 of them - and they both went to term. I never spotted with pregnancies I lost. (This time I am a little nervous because I'm *not* spotting.) You just want to say, 'come on, body, enough witht he mixed signals already!'
i'm so sorry... sending hugs
i would totally do that if i saw a neighbor with a new baby. i am a creep for sure.
i like blogger. people say wordpress is better to monetize, but i've monetized quite well, plus, when i tried wordpress, it ate all my posts. they have an evil hungry robot in their server.
I think maybe my left thigh is a size 12.
and some seats can only be installed with the base. THe one I am thinking of is the Evenflo Embrace. I see this stuff all the time at DD's preschool. not only are the rpeschoolers not in boosters (state law, never mind safety) but their little siblings are turned FF as soon as humanly possible.
i think it's inconsiderate. but i am passive aggressive so i would just huff around about it, not asking anyone to move or anything. we went to cici's pizza (which was absolutely the most disgusting food i have ever had the misfortune of eating) and there was just one table big enough for all of us. (me & DH and 5 kids, 2 in high chairs.) There was one employee sitting at the big table, on break, talking on her cell phone. We had to split everyone up and all eat at...
mine got bigger, then smaller: 7lb14oz 9lb2oz 9lb10oz 8lb11oz Who knows what this one will be. But, just because a baby might seem more active doesn't neccesarly means s/he will be smaller. My biggest was the most active and I thought she would be small. An ultrasound at 39+5 said she was 11lb2oz and I laughed and laughed about that. I told everyone she would be 8 pounds at the most. Well, she was no 8 pounder but she most definitely wasn't a big 11 pounder...
my cousin is very thin and had a baby without knowing she was pregnant. she was at my wedding in May 2003 and she didn't look pregnant at all, but then a few weeks later, early June, she was in the driveway with her then 2 year old and sat down feeling "weird" as she puts it, and her baby boy was born, 8 pounds and full term, into her shorts. She said she never felt pregnant and never felt him move, and about an hour before he was born she thought she wet her pants (water...
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