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Never mind--saw that my post had already been mentioned. :)
I would highly recommend Nancy Wainer! She will be able to give you a lot of VBAC information, and will make you feel very comfortable about it. :) Good luck!
Hello! My husband and I currently live in NYC, but are looking for someplace to live where we can get a little more greenery, any suggestions for some good crunchy places to live in Jersey?
Hi Ladies, I am looking for some information on the Charlotte (or outside Charlotte) area. Where would be a good place to live for a couple who wants a crunchy area with access to local food, wants to have outdoor space, and like-minded people?   I am also looking for info in advance, but what are homebirth options in the Charlotte area?   TIA!!
Dr. Odenheimer with Dedham Medical (in the Norwood office) is fantastic!!
Hello All! I just moved to NYC (Washington Heights, and I work on the UWS) and am looking for a recommendation of a natural minded PCP or Naturopath that anyone has had good experiences with themselves :)   TIA!!  
Hi! I'm from the area, I can't say I know anyone who supports delayed vax, but I can give a great recommendation of Dr. Odenheimer at Dedham medical (They have a Norwood office), she is really fantastic! (She was my ped)-- I would contact her office to see what they think of delayed vaxing, its worth a  shot!   Good luck!
I'm looking for a natural minded DR recommendation for myself. I hate my current DR--she is SUPER pushy about vaccines and I hate it, plus I feel like she is very quick to prescribe meds or tests instead of being conservative, which I don't like. I got her because she's my mom's PCP and Ive been telling myself to switch for so long, and I figured I finally should. Any recs from you lovely ladies? I live in Sharon MA--so anything around that area (current DR is in...
Hello! I am sort of new to TF-ing (I'm hoping thats an acceptable term!) but recently I've been doing a lot of reading and I've decided that changing my diet to whole foods is going to help my health significantly. Namely, Ive been having a problem where I will eat a full meal, or more than a full meal sometimes, and will still be achingly hungry afterwards--like my stomach is literally in pain. I'm really not sure what the deal is, but I truly think that switching to...
Hi All! I am looking for some recs for any place to pick berried. I live right near Ward's farm, and while I love it there--I feel like their berry picking is more of a place to go to have an "experience" than a place to go to pick a lot of berried for a good price. Anyone have any suggestions? Id love to go to a place where I'd be able to pick enough to make a few things of jam TIA!
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