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Quote: Originally Posted by xekomaya At this point, I know this has been discussed, clarified and reclarified buuut.. tichel - does it just sound like tickle? As in to tickle a child? That is what I keep seeing, but no one has yet mentioned that tickle and tichel would be homophones (and that would be super easy to many people). Am I wrong? kind of the /ch/ sound in tichel is pronounced as a throaty sound which isn't present in English but yes...
thanks so much for the great links!!
hello! I tried searching the boards for this Q but couldn't find anything--so i hope no one minds me starting it now what type of herbs would be good to take as a woman who is not pregnant yet--sort of like an alternative to prenatal vitamins? TIA! ~Ellie
Hello everyone! my name is Ellie and I am hoping to eventually live in the country and be as self-sufficient as possible. I spent the weekend at an organic farm community and that only strengthened my resolve! currently I'm a student (only one more semester! in a city and next year I'll be living ina college city as well (Ithaca) but I'd really like to spend that time learning as much as I can about farming and becoming self-sufficient--do you guys have any good...
do any of you have any names for some good midwives in Ithaca? I am moving up there come the summertime and would love to do an apprenticeship up there--so I am looking for nay info available! TIA!!:
thank you for your responses--interesting insight I would consider myself fairly observant but its true that there are many ways in which I am not frum. Living a frum life does appeal to me but I think it would appal to em regardless of who I was with. Anyways--thank you for your insights I am in a relationship where we are having sex before marriage so obviously it would be a huge thing for me to be shomer negiyah. However the fact that I suddenly doubting marriage...
hello ladies! I am part of the "Not Mamas Yet" circle so no kids for me but Im in a very confused place in my life right now and wanted to ask for some advice have any of you ever been in a shomer negiyah relationship? did it work? I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend from highschool (3.5 years now) and over the past month or so Ive developed a HUGE crush on a very religious boy (is there anything more attractive?) who is shomer negiyah--I keep trying...
hello! I am just popping in to say hi--I ma not a midwifery student yet :sad: unfortunately but I cant wait until I get to become one! I am going to be studying to be a doula this year to get a small taste of things while finishing up my last year as an undergrad (studying speech therapy) for now Im just researching all the different programs and loving learning about birth--I will definitely be taking a look around this thread! nice to meet you all!
name: age: how many years have you been a student? how many years do you have left? did you have an undergraduate degree prior to becoming a midwifery student? were you a doula before you decided to pursue midwifery? just curious---TIA!!! :
Hello all! I'm hoping to train to be a birth doula this fall when I get back to school in Boston--I am currently deciding between DONA training workshop and CBI--any info? questions for you birth doulas: where did you train? how/why did you pick to train there? were you happy with your training? TIA!!:
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