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Little things just keep going wrong this week. Yesterday I broke my only big mixing bowl. I have to mix in my crockpots or pans til I can get a replacement lol. My kids are being grumpy and needy, my house has turned agaist me (things get messy again as soon as I turn around, things keep getting misplaced or broken, etc), I forgot to thaw dinner and my washer is leaking like crazy. Thankfully my dad is coming over tomorrow nightto help me look at that and my portable...
Honestly frugalmama I think you need to do this and once you do you will be so relieved. Typically you dont pay water/sewage in a rental. No need for lawn care. Even if the utlities dont change much since youd be using a/c, that means less leaving yr house because of heat. Yr housing seems to be major source of stress.
Ooof, and I thought our egg price was high. Im so thankful to aldi!
Ive def noticed eggs increasing in our area. This week eggs jumped 20 more cents. I hoped they would be on sale with easter. Since going low carb eggs have become a larger part of our diet,and while they are still one of the lowest priced forms of protein they are steadily creeping up. I think Im going to look into the natural food store soon and see if independant farmers are increasing as fast. Ive been wanting to switch to local eggs anyway for health reasons and...
Im so sorry. Everyone seems to be really struggling right now. Im just burnt out in general. We had a very good weekend but Im pooped. Today will probably be an easy day, catching up on some fleaning and diving into library books.
My apartment can suck bad eggs a lot of the time. You def have my sympathies. My husband keeps talking about looking into buying a home but the responsibility and cost worries me.
Interview seemed to go well, but we have to see where things lead. I did my grocery comparing today for my list. Thanks to easter theres some nice prices on staples.
My hubby is up for a promotion today. Wish him luck! Itsin the other plant so its a bit further a drive and its five days instead of four, second shift (still forty hrs). Im not sure what the new pay would be but there is more room for advancement. In other interesting news I may have tracked down a semi local and inexpensive source of raw milk and butter. Its always been waaaay out of my way but if what I heard is true the farmer isnt charging much more than...
We spend more on groceries per month than we do any other bill. Crazy.
I actually have a grugal brag! My mom gave me a ten for ten coupon for kohls, plus I had a five dollar gc from target from an earlier promo. We were already up near the city that has both stores due to an inexpensive outing with the kiddos. So I took my gcs and got easter goodies! For less than three dollars I got- 4 pk playdough easter egg playdough playdough stampers in chick and egg shape frisbee jumprope pack of glow bracelets pair of novelty socks for ds, who has...
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